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Lemon Oil Benefits

Kashmira Lad
A true essential oil in all aspects, lemon oil has many benefits and uses in our everyday life. Read on for some interesting facts and uses about lemon oil.
It is said that the lemon tree originated in Asia, and the fruit is an indispensable food item in the kitchens of many! Lemon is used mainly for its juice, which is high in vitamin C content, and also because it is a multipurpose item that has various uses.
From neutralizing the odor of marinated fish to making spicy pickled lemons, this remains to be the most useful and beneficial fruit, which is versatile as well. It is, therefore, not a surprise that its oil is also highly beneficial and has various benefits as well.


Lemon oil is cold pressed from the rinds of lemons. It has a pale yellow to a slight green shade and has a refreshing aroma. One can find it mixed with various other substances available in the market. But to gauge pure lemon oil is not too difficult.
The moment you smell the fragrance of freshly peeled lemon, you would know the authenticity of the oil. It is also known as Sunshine oil because of its color and the warm and cheerful fragrance it owns.

Benefits and Uses

Lemon oil, like many other essential oils, has antiseptic properties as well. It is also known as rational oil, the reason being that its fragrance causes a person to feel pleasant and reduces the negative emotions as well. This is probably why it is useful for aromatherapy. It reduces the stress and helps increase the levels of concentration.
A few drops on your tissue paper can work wonders! Its antidepressant properties can drive the blues away. One can feel a kind of alertness in the body with just a whiff of lemon oil.
It is known that this oil is beneficial for people who suffer from anxiety and blood pressure problems. Apart from this, it also helps relieve sore throat, digestive problems, and respiratory infections. It is highly beneficial for the immune system as well.
Being high in vitamin content, it helps build the body's resistance power to fight against various diseases. It is also very useful for stomach disorders such as stomach cramps, acidity, and indigestion.
Dull skin can be fixed in a jiffy with lemon oil. It also has astringent properties in it as well. This is probably the reason it is beneficial for the pimples and other such skin problems. It is especially beneficial for oily skin.
There are times when it may cause some kind of skin irritation if used in its pure form on the skin. In case of sensitive skin, the oil would need to be diluted for better results.
Lemon oil is also useful for hair care as it helps get rid of dandruff. It also adds a luster and sheen to dull and limp hair.
It helps nourish and protect furniture, too. Wood furniture is known to look as good as new if cleaned with some lemon oil. If you are troubled with sleepless nights, lemon oil may just be the solution for you. This is a great boon for people who suffer from insomnia.
This oil is also an important ingredient in most skin care products. Most face washes include it due to its antiseptic properties.