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Lavender Tea Benefits

Megha Tiwari
Lavender is widely used for landscaping, but it also possesses therapeutic properties. This story provides information on the benefits of the lavender tea.
Lavender is a shrub with many qualities. It is named as 'lavandula' in botany. Though this plant is native to the Mediterranean region, it is now grown all around the world. There are thirty nine species of flowering plants belonging to this genus. The flowers are a rich source of essential oil, which is used in aromatherapy. It also possesses medicinal and culinary properties. Mostly, it is available in the form of dried flowers, infusion, tincture, and essential oils. However, it is popularly known for its tea, which is believed to be extensively beneficial.
This plant is originally cultivated in the Mediterranean region, India, Southern Europe, East and North Africa, and Arabia. With the growing popularity of this drink, some parts of the United States and Japan have also started growing this shrub. It is best grown in dry and sunny climate.

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For centuries, these plant varieties have been grown for their tea benefits and aromatic use. This herb can be grown anywhere, with its length varying from six to twenty four inches.
This plant mostly has purple flowers, while sometimes it may have white or pink flowers. Unlike the typical green-colored leaves of herbs, the leaves borne by theses shrubs are grayish-green in color.


The markets are flooded with the products made from this herb. These include oil, candles, and incense. These days, herbal infusion or tea made from the dried leaves of lavender has also been added in the chain of products, due to its health benefits. The constituents of this herb are tannins, flavonoids, courmarines, camphor oil, and geranion. 
Following are some of its benefits:
  • The herbal beverage has proved to be very beneficial for people affected by nervous system disorders, which include symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety.
  • People who suffer from insomnia disorder might experience relief to a great extent by this beverage.
  • It has proved to be remedial for people having stomach-related problems like gastric problems, upset stomach, and colic.
  • Its calming effect provides relief to people having stomach infections or bowel infections.
  • It is believed to have gynecological benefits, as it alleviates painful menstrual cycles.
  • It can work wonders to reduce the migraine pains.
  • It also helps fight respiratory system issues such as cough, cold, and asthma.
  • Drinking this beverage can also help cure the fever caused due to cold and cough. It stimulates the body to sweat, thereby reducing the temperature.
  • It is also used for combating dental cavities, infections, and halitosis in the form of mouthwash.
These are some of the benefits that make this beverage so special and popular. This herb has also become a popular ingredient of recipes like lavender lemonade, lavender bread, and lavender cookies. It is topically used for healing wounds, cuts, sores, and ulcers. This herb is believed to be safe to be applied on the skin directly.
Preparing this beverage is easy. Take a handful of dried lavandula flowers and add them to boiling water. Let the mixture boil for eight to ten minutes, then strain it. You can then relish the amazing taste of this beverage. It can also be added to black tea or other herbs like mint. Before consumption, it is best to check with a herbalist to find out if this herb is safe and beneficial for you.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.