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Itchy Ears

Mayuri Kulkarni

Most of the time, itchy ears signal abnormal accumulation of earwax in ear. While in some cases, it may be an early symptom of an ear infection. Get a few tips on relieving ear itch at home, and some info on the possible causes behind the same.
Sometimes, even a minor health ailment can trouble you a lot. Itchy ears is one such health condition that can cause too much of an irritation. Ears are a very sensitive part of our body and any ear problem should be treated promptly and with care. Here's how you can manage the problem at home using a few simple tips.

Relieve Itchy Ear

» Add few garlic cloves to olive oil and crush them properly. Now boil this mixture and let it cool for sometime. Put drops of this mixture in your ear to get rid of any ear infection that causes itchiness.
» Combine equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a small bowl. Simply put the drops of this mixture into the affected ear and get instant relief.
» Always dry your ears completely after taking a bath.
» To avoid fungal infections due to constant exposure to water, place a heating pad over the ears.
» If itchy ear is caused due to allergies, it can be treated by taking an over-the-counter antihistamine. But it is wise to consult a doctor before going for any medication.
» If the problem is due to constant exposure to water, then make sure you keep your ears dry and use some antifungal medication to prevent fungal infections.
» Itchy ears caused due to skin conditions like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, should be treated with help of an ENT specialist.
» If a bug has entered the ear canal, then try to remove it carefully by putting some warm water in your ear. If this does not work, then make an appointment with a physician.

What Causes the Problem?

» An increase or decrease in the amount of earwax can lead to itchy ears. Swimmers usually face this problem because their ears do not produce enough earwax.
» Skin problems like eczema, seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis can also be a cause.
» Scratching the ears frequently, may cause damage to the inner lining of the ear, making it sensitive and prone to ear infections like otitis externa; one symptom of which is itchiness in the ear.
» Itchiness inside the ear canal may also be due to fungal infections that develop because of constant exposure to water. This is commonly observed in swimmers.
» People who are allergic to dust particles can also suffer from the condition. Even people who are sensitive to shampoos and hair-sprays can develop the symptoms.
» Sometimes, bugs are responsible for the problem. If a bug gets stuck in the ear canal, it cannot escape, and thus causes itching, buzzing noises and irritation in the ear.
Scratching of the ears is one of the major problems of itchy ears. The more you scratch your ears, the more itchy they become. The ear is very sensitive, so you should never insert any object into your ears to scratch them. Doing so may damage the inner ear or the eardrum, leaving your ear prone to infection. It is always wise to consult a health professional if the symptoms of itchy ears persist even after using these home remedies.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this story is solely for educating the reader. It is not intended to be a substitute for the advice of a medical expert.