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Is Spiritual Healing Real?

Urvashi Pokharna
Even though medical science has made progress in the past decade, people are turning towards spirituality and spiritual healing to replace their medical cabinets that are overflowing with pills. No, I am not saying that praying to God will help you heal a burn, nor am I denying it. Spiritual healing is more than just building a connection with the Almighty.
Spirituality is a sensitive subject for those who believe in it and even those who have no faith in it. Spirituality is common to all religions. Citing the example of the Bible, it says that Jesus Christ had the power to heal the sick from minor or deadly diseases.
There have been many instances when people have prayed for restoration of health for someone who was sick and the sick did heal, returning to health after quickly recovering from a major disease. Many people credit medicine for the miracle, while those who prayed believed in the power of their prayers.
Do you believe that spirituality can help you heal the spiritual bruises of agony and sadness and make you feel whole again? When we are emotionally vulnerable we pray to God to take away the pain. Now, wouldn't that be spirituality? Are you not healed of your pain?
Spiritual healing is not an overnight process that can be physically measured. It is only realized and seen. It may seem implausible for a person to come back to health through prayers alone. But, as some believe, spirituality is a faith more powerful than medical science. This only sounds stupefying in the era of technology that we live in today.

Does Spiritual Healing Work?

Spiritual healing may well be your answer for physical, emotional and mental worries. The entire universe is made of energy, including you and me. This alternative healing practice aims at rebuilding and harmonizing these energies. Your soul is the fuel of your life.
If it has endured damage of any kind, it will be impossible for your body to function in its optimum state. It helps revive your soul, in turn, healing your body. It is, but, a belief system. In fact, you do not really need to pray to an entity for this healing to work, because spirituality goes beyond the realms of religion.
However, this type of healing does not require faith in anyone else but a higher power. It extends beyond the physical healing of your body.
When medical science had not made the advances it has achieved so far, our great ancestors did survive without it. You cannot just reduce it to labels of being mere imaginations of the mind. Trying to measure healing in terms of physical healing defeats the absolute purpose. Is the human race so shallow as to be limited to the body alone?
Do not restrict yourself and let spirituality heal your soul, so it may transcend your mind and body. Spirituality may have different definitions for every individual. But, in the end, its essence is to connect man to all the elements of nature and be one with them, in complete harmony. Your body is a vessel to facilitate the same.
Spirituality brings about a change in your attitude and outlook of your mind by healing your soul. This in turn affects your body. A thought, irrespective of its nature as positive or negative, has immense power and the ability to attract and magnify its effect on human life. You may have heard about the 7 Laws of Attraction. Well, guess what?
They work, every one of them. There are people who have successfully applied them and can testify to their power. If you focus on how a certain disease has overpowered your health and threw it off-balance, you are feeding it with enough energy to really destroy you.
However, if you believe you can overcome it, you will empower your healing process. While the above example is about physical healing, as I have said before, it can heal every sphere of your life.
If spiritual healing was not real, I don't think so many people would turn to it. The results may be immeasurable in physical terms, but judging by the success stories around the world, there is certainly a lot of positive feedback. If you believe in spirituality, this type of healing could definitely help you deal with your mental and emotional issues.
After all, the human body is a synchronization of the physical, psychological and spiritual. They are all connected in ways beyond our understanding and I do not believe that healing your subconscious cannot heal your aura.
It cannot be denied that there have been several instances when opting for spiritual healing instead of getting medical assistance lead to severe repercussions such as permanent disability and even death.
However, on the other hand, there are living examples of people who could not find relief through medical procedures and after years of suffering, turned to spiritual or alternative healing. And, they survived and recovered completely like nothing was ever wrong with their bodies.
That is what you call a miracle. Doctors have absolutely no explanation for these cases, so now would you tell me, spiritual healing is not real? It is as real as our existence in this universe.