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How to Treat Vertigo

Avanika Mote
Vertigo, not to be confused as a disease, is actually a symptom of some underlying health disorder, which can intensify in the absence of timely treatment. In this story we'll discuss the different treatments of vertigo right from surgeries to natural remedies.
Vertigo is basically a type of dizziness in which a person has a feeling of motion even when the body is stationary. It is often associated with nausea, vomiting, difficulty in walking and even standing straight.
It is caused due to a problem with the fluids in the vestibular system of the inner ear. Vertigo is a basically a symptom, and not a disease, in which you feel either you or your surroundings are spinning, which in fact are stationary.
There are few types that are actually considered as conditions. Benign paroxysmal positional, migrainous, central, physiologic and peripheral vertigo are the different types of vertigo. In the following paragraphs, let us discuss the methods to treat this condition.

How do you Treat Vertigo?

Treatment of vertigo depends on its diagnosis. A thorough medical check-up is always recommended for any vertigo patient. This helps in determining the true cause behind the problem and deciding the appropriate treatment. There are many different methods of treating this problem.
The most commonly prescribed drugs for patients are the vestibular suppressants and antiemetic drugs. Vestibular suppressant drugs help in reducing the nystagmus, which is caused due to an imbalance in the body while antiemetics help to control nausea. Sometimes, anticholinergics that help in increasing motion tolerance, are also prescribed.
In severe cases, surgical treatment is considered as an option. There are two types of surgical procedures for treating vertigo. The first one is corrective surgical treatment. It is a mild and gentle controlled contact right below your ear, based on a three-dimensional correction vector.
This vector can be determined with the help of a series of upper cervical x-rays. The corrective method is controversial and it is not recommended by doctors.
The other surgical procedure is the destructive surgical treatment. It is termed so, with context to treating this problem and eliminating it from the body. However, this treatment may lead to hearing loss. When the usual medication and vestibular rehabilitation do not work, patients often consider this surgery.
This surgery is often taken by patients who suffer from Meniere's disease - a dysfunction in the middle ear accompanied by vertigo and dizziness.

Natural Therapies to Relieve Vertigo

Here are some natural remedies that will help in preventing this disorder and treating it as well.
  • One of the most common natural treatments for vertigo is the vestibular rehabilitation exercise. It involves simply lying down on a table till the attack subsides. After it subsides, you are supposed to switch to other side until the attack goes off completely.
  • Natural herbal remedies can also provide relief from nausea and vomiting which are often associated with vertigo. Natural treatments containing homeopathic ingredients like Lobelia inflata, Cocculus indicus and Gelsemium have been proved to be highly effective natural cures.
  • Herbs, like ginkgo, help in reducing dizziness, giddiness and lightheadedness. Ginkgo is also known for improving memory and treating tinnitus - ringing sound in the ear.
Preventive measures like exercises can also help in the long term cure of vertigo. If you feel a vertigo sensation, you should immediately rest your body or go to a calm place, away from noise and bright lights. In simple words, you should move at a slower pace until the symptoms disappear.
Another effective method is to focus on a stationary object during a vertigo attack. It will help you in restoring your balance. You must also avoid jerking your neck and other quick neck and head movements like getting up from your bed quickly and bending down to pick up something.

Vertigo Treatment at Home

Try these simple yet effective methods of treating vertigo at home.
  • For an effective home remedy for vertigo, soak six grams coriander seeds and dry Indian gooseberry in water overnight. Filter them in the morning, add a little sugar and drink it.
  • Soak seven kernels of almonds, three grams poppy seeds, six grams pumpkin seeds and 20 grams wheat in water. Let them soak overnight. The almonds should be peeled in the following morning and all the ingredients should be ground together.
Add some cloves into twenty grams of clarified butter (ghee), heat it and then grind it into a thin paste. Add a little milk. After adding milk to the paste, boil it, add some sugar and drink it.
  • You can also consider having lemon juice with salt and black pepper for a natural remedy.
  • You can consider this home remedy as well if the cause of dizziness is due to constipation or indigestion. Take one piece of Cherubic Myrobalans, one gram cardamom and three grams dry coriander seeds.
Grind them together finely and mix it. Consume this mixture regularly twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening).
Besides these tips on how to treat vertigo, you should make sure to stay fit by following a regular diet, avoiding salt and stimulants. Drinking plenty of fluids everyday also helps in preventing vertigo attacks. Wish you a fast recovery and a healthy life ahead!