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How to Stop a Dry Hacking Cough

It is possible to stop a dry hacking cough through simple herbal remedies. In this story, we look at them.
Rohini Mohan
Coughing is an unpleasant experience and there are no two ways about it. The worst type is the dry cough which does not contain phlegm or saliva. This type of cough hurts the throat a lot and sometimes the pain lasts even after the bout of cough has gone. It also hurts the chest, which eventually causes the entire body to ache as a result of the sheer force with which these bouts appear. A throat infection is the most common cause of dry cough.

Herbal Remedies

Honey and Pepper

This is an age-old remedy which helps against dry cough. Honey helps sooth the throat and it also helps coat the area in the throat that has faced the maximum friction due to coughing. Pepper fights off the infection and helps subside the bouts for a while.
All you need to do is to take a tablespoon of honey and then add a pinch of powdered pepper to it. Mix the concoction and swallow gently. Do not drink water after swallowing this concoction, as that would wash away the honey and pepper.

Ginger Lemon Tea

You will need to boil slices of ginger root in water. Once you are sure that the ginger extracts have dissolved into the water, add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Lemon being a rich source of vitamin C is excellent against cold and cough. Ginger helps fight minor infections as it has anti-bacterial properties. Therefore whatever is causing dry cough would be brought under control by ginger and its therapeutic qualities.

Apple Cider Vinegar

This is the only vinegar which is by far the safest one to drink. It helps reduce the inflammation in the throat. Mix a tablespoon of vinegar in a glass of water and then sip slowly. If you hate the taste you may add a bit of honey to the concoction so as to give the drink a sweeter taste.

Garlic & Honey Tea

This remedy may not be appetizing for many, but it sure is a very effective one against dry cough. You will need to crush a few garlic cloves and then boil them in water so as to make garlic tea.
Now add a few drops of honey and cinnamon to the mix while it is still boiling and let the cinnamon extracts seep out thoroughly. You may add a few cloves of cardamom as well. This tea will get you feeling better in no time.

Milk and Honey

A glass of warm milk with honey can help do wonders in subsiding the intensity of the cough. Do not have a lot of milk, and instead just have about half a cup or so. Else, the chances of you throwing up as a result of your cough may increase. Do not have milk if you have fever as well, as it may make it difficult for the stomach to digest it properly.

Peppermint Tea

Make tea with fresh peppermint leaves and let it simmer for about 15 minutes. This concoction helps heal inflammation and it also fights infection. It soothes the throat and helps you feel relaxed. It is also believed to be a pain reliever, and is supposed to reduce the levels of stress.

Saline Gargle

This is one of the best remedies for fighting cough. Sea salt would be preferred in most cases, as it contains essential minerals. However, even common salt would work fine. Mix salt with lukewarm water and then gargle with the solution.
Medications may be needed in cases where the cough is persistent and not showing any signs of backing down. Always opt for doctor's prescribed cough syrups so that you can be assured about their safety and effectiveness. Also try to sleep on your left side, as it is believed to help ease the lungs and suppress bouts of cough.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute for expert medical advice.