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How to Relieve Leg Cramps

Sonia Nair
Leg cramps can be really painful and may last for a few minutes to more than an hour. Here are some tips for relieving leg cramps.
It will be difficult finding a person who has not experienced leg cramps ever. A leg cramp is a common condition that may affect you during your day-to-day activities or even during rest. A cramp is nothing other than an involuntary contraction of muscles that can cause sudden pain in the area.
The locations that are prone to develop cramps are the arms, back and legs. Leg cramps are said to be the most common types of cramps.
How can you relieve leg cramps? The condition is not life-threatening and are found to subside on their own, within a few seconds or minutes. However, you may resort to some remedies for relieving the pain associated with this condition.

More about Leg Cramps

We all know that movements of our body parts are enabled by the contractions and relaxations of the concerned muscles. However, involuntary and sudden contractions of the muscles result in immense pain for a few seconds and this condition is called muscle spasms.
When the condition is a prolonged one that is slightly severe in nature, then, it is called a cramp. There are many different causes for a person to develop cramps. These include dehydration, strenuous physical activities, awkward posture, conditions like hormonal imbalances and varicose veins and use of certain medication.
It is mostly seen in elderly people, but, this does not mean that others do not develop cramps. In case of women, pregnancy is one such condition, where leg cramps are frequently experienced. Usually, a leg cramp may not last for more than a few minutes. But, in some cases, it can be more than that. It may also happen that cramps develop one after another for some time, before they subside. In fact, there are various easy techniques that can be used to get rid of leg cramps.

Leg Cramp Remedies

  • First of all, try to stretch the leg and gently massage the concerned muscle. Massaging boosts the blood flow to the area, thereby providing relief from the cramp.
  • If you are looking for some tips about how to relieve leg cramps during pregnancy then, hot compresses will be the best remedy. You may also take a warm bath or pour some warm water over the affected part.
  • Another remedy is application of ice over the affected area. This numbs the muscle, providing relief from the pain. You may also try application of pain relieving balms over the area.
  • There are some strange remedies like pinching the upper lip for sometime. It is also said that intake of an ounce of pickle juice is sufficient to get rid of leg cramps.
  • Some people use bars of soap for relieving leg cramps. Bars of soap (sans the wrapper) are placed beneath the bed sheet, where you rest your legs. This is claimed to be effective for preventing and treating these cramps.
Even though leg cramps are common and can cause severe discomfort for some time, no treatment is required for this condition. If you find it recurrent and long-lasting, then, you may consult a doctor to find out the underlying cause. Otherwise, you can prevent leg cramps by drinking sufficient amounts of water, by doing regular exercise and having a balanced diet. Try to improve your posture, especially while sleeping. With proper preventive measures, you can eliminate leg cramps to a great extent.