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How to Relieve Kidney Stone Pain

Rujuta Borkar
Kidney stone pain can be excruciating and extremely tough to deal with. In this following story, we will take you through the varied means by which one can carry through immediate kidney stone pain relief.
Kidney stones, technically referred to as ureterolithiasis are masses of mineral build up that are formed from the bodily waste that is stored in the kidneys. When these kidney stones are formed, they can lead to varying degrees of pain, depending on their size and form.
It is for this reason that we need to find ways of relieving kidney stone pain. But before that, let's understand how kidney stones come about in a little more detail.
Kidney Stones and their Formation
Our digestive system processes the food that we ingest, taking for itself what it needs and discarding what it doesn't. This expelled waste is converted into urine and stools and is stored in the kidneys, taking it to the bladder and then out through the ureturs till the time we expel it from the body.
If this waste is not expelled, it can poison the body and lead to several health complications. Sometimes however, this waste (which is made up of salts, calcium or minerals) can build into a mass in the body and lead to blocks which are known as kidney stones. Kidney stones can also be formed following an infection in the urinary tract.
Depending on the size of the stone, it can get blocked in the ureturs or any other section of the urinary system and either block the flow of urine or cause a corrosive and abrasive effect, as it travels towards the bladder. Which then is pretty clear causes severe degrees of pain and discomfort.
How to Deal with Kidney Stone Pain
Getting rid of the kidney stone will naturally get rid of the pain, and that is what one should be aiming at. Yet, while the process of passing the kidney stone is in progress, there have to be certain steps taken for pain relief. In this following section we will concentrate on how to ease kidney stone pain and bring about relief.
■ Drinking Water
It is very important that you break the huge mass of the stone into smaller pieces so that the passing of the stone becomes easier and the pain also reduces. In this direction, drinking lots and lots of water is a great way to relieve kidney stone pain.
■ Hot and Cold Compress
Applying a hot water bag or a compress with the help of a towel dipped in hot water is a great way to relieve the pain. Some people cannot bear the heat though and prefer a cold water compress instead.
■ Walking and Other Exercises
It has been seen that walking and spot jogging helps the stone(s) to travel through the system better. When they are dislodged therefore, and on their way out, the pain is also done away with.
■ Avoid Calcium and Vitamin Intake
Since kidney stones are made of calcium and mineral masses, the more calcium you increase in your diet, the more the chance of adding to the mass and increasing the size of the stones is. It thus increases the pain. Stop taking calcium where it can be avoided.

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Similarly, keep a close watch on the vitamin intake as well. Vitamins will bond in the bladder and add to the mineral masses as well.
■ Change in Diet
There are certain foods which help in the breakdown of these stones. These include foods that contain magnesium, as well citrus juices (the acids break down the minerals) and natural diuretic foods like melons, grapes and others which have a cleansing effect on the kidneys.
Similarly, including herbal teas, juices and apple cider vinegar is known to help in cleansing the system and relieving the pain due to the medicinal properties that it contains.
Try and reduce the intake of meats and poultry because it takes time to digest and it thereby increases the chances of building up as stones and adding to the mass.
■ Over the Counter Medication
There are several over the counter medication forms that can be taken to deal with the pain that is caused. These will require a prescription by the doctor.
Depending on the severity of the condition, the doctor will prescribe either of these types and forms - NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug), narcotics, opioids and others. Certain medicines are also administered through intravenous injections (These could include morphine)
■ Surgery and Alternative Medication
While some people take up options of alternative medication like acupuncture and shock therapy to deal with the pain, sometimes, surgery which aims at physically removing the stone from the kidneys is one of the best options that you can take up.
That is how it is done. Use these methods in a combination and the chances of the kidney stones being expelled are increased manifold. As an immediate action though, it helps in relieving the kidney stone pain effectively well.