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How to Make Peppermint Oil

Pragya T
Peppermint oil has many therapeutic qualities. It can also be used to flavor dishes or moisturize the skin. So, how to make peppermint oil at home? Follow the simple steps given ahead...
Peppermint oil is made using peppermint leaves and has a sharp menthol smell. It is a cooling and refreshing oil which is used for aromatherapy or to make dishes. There are various uses of peppermint. It can be used to treat indigestion or to prevent or cure dental problems.
It can also be used to treat respiratory problems, nausea and headache. It is also beneficial for UTI disorders and boost immune system. Peppermint oil for hair and skin is also beneficial. It can be used in summer to cool off the head and skin.
So, if you have fresh peppermint leaves, why not make peppermint oil at home and enjoy the various benefits offered by it...
Note: True peppermint oil is manufactured by extracting oil from peppermint. It is made using a distillation process in which the peppermint plant is heated at low temperature. This helps to vaporize the most important parts of the peppermint herb. Then this vapor is allowed to cool down into a liquid. This liquid contains around 45 percent of menthol.
Menthol is what gives peppermint its healing and aromatic qualities. It is not possible to make the true peppermint at home. However, you can make peppermint oil infusion, which you can use for various purposes. This oil will not be as concentrated as the true peppermint oil, but still it will have the same qualities.
Now, let us look at the steps involved in creating a homemade peppermint oil infusion.


  • First take fresh peppermint leaves. You can grow peppermint or buy it from a vegetable market or store. Get a bunch of peppermint leaves for the first batch. Once you become expert at making peppermint oil, you can make other batches of peppermint oil.
  • So, take the fresh peppermint leaves and crush them. You can crush them in a mixer or just with your hands or a big spoon.
  • Once you are done crushing the leaves, fill them up in a glass jar. Stuff as much leaves as you can in the jar. Fill the jar full with the crushed leaves.
  • Now, take oil to make the infusion. The oil should act as a carrier oil. Choose an oil which doesn't have a flavor or aroma or color if possible. This will make the aroma of peppermint more prominent. There are many carrier oils you can choose some choices are jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc.
  • Start filling the glass jar with the oil, keep pouring the oil till the bottle is filled with the oil, till the neck level. Now take a cling film and place it on the opening of the jar. Then place the lid on the jar and tighten it.
  • It is time to let the oil steep in now. If it is summer then let the oil steep in for 2 days. If it is a cold season let it steep in for a month. Make sure you keep shaking the jar every 12 hours.
  • After the steeping period is finished, strain the oil using a double folded cheesecloth or using a fine plastic strainer. Strain the leaves properly, and press the leaves in the strainer with a spoon to get the left over oil out.
  • Store the peppermint oil in amber colored glass bottle. Keep it in a dry, cool and warm place. It will stay for 3-6 months.
So, harvest fresh peppermint leaves from a nearby garden or buy them from a grocery and start making your very own peppermint oil infusion. Use the oil to treat various disorders, or to flavor food or use it as your regular moisturizer. Enjoy!