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How to Make Eucalyptus Oil from Leaves

Rujuta Borkar
Eucalyptus oil is one of the best herbal products that you can store at home. Would you like to know how to make eucalyptus oil by yourself? In the given story, we will give you the ways by which you can make this happen.
Open a bottle of eucalyptus oil and the earthy aroma fills the room. It cajoles the senses and brings about a heady feeling that is strangely, quite comforting. Maybe it has got to do with the fact that it is used to treat a fever or a bad case of the sniffles, but eucalyptus oil does for me what chicken soup would do for you during a fever.
Though that is definitely not all that this type of oil is made out to do, mind you. There are several eucalyptus oil benefits that transcend way beyond the strong aroma.
Oil that is made from eucalyptus has been used as a part of main stream medication and alternative therapies for several centuries. Its medicinal properties are known to treat conditions like the common cold and flu, fever, headaches, clearing up the congestion and blockage in chests, as well as allowing proper breathing to take place.
All one has to do then is use the oil in your bath or a handkerchief or rub some over the forehead and voila! The headache, congestion and other niggling worries will be done away with.
With a formula that promises so many health benefits, everyone should make it a point to store a bottle of this oil in their homes. And instead of buying some, how about if we give you the tricks of making the oil from the leaves by yourself?
Simple and effective and something that will save you the added cost of purchasing it as well. Cause this oil does not really come cheap. Here then are the ways of making eucalyptus oil from leaves, from the comfort of your homes.

Making Eucalyptus Oil at Home

It is always advantageous to learn how to make oil from eucalyptus leaves, because it will not only save money but also allow you to have a fresh supply of the same, which is at any given point of time more beneficial.
The steps involved in how to make eucalyptus essential oil are quite simple, but it is a rather lengthy process. So, keeping patience is one of the keys. The following are the steps that are involved in making eucalyptus oil.

Step # 1 - Collecting the Required Ingredients

What are the things that you need to for making eucalyptus oil? For one, fresh eucalyptus leaves. The fresher they are, the better the aroma. Dry leaves will not produce a good batch. Other than that, any natural oil will act as a great carrier.
Most prefer to use sweet almond oil. One will also need vitamin E capsules because they act as natural preservatives and a dark-colored glass jar in which to store the oil and protect it from losing its properties by exposure to the sun etc.

Step # 2 - Extracting the Oil

How to extract eucalyptus oil from leaves? Take fresh eucalyptus leaves (2 ounces) and crush them with your hands. This releases the natural oil from the leaves and is the reason that will add to the aroma.

Step # 3 - Adding the Carrier Oil

The next step is to add the oil which will act as the carrier. Keep a simple calculation in mind, for every ΒΌ ounce of leaves, use a cup of olive oil. One can use any form of natural oil like olive oil or coconut oil, but almond oil has proven to be the best carrier so far.

Step # 4 - Cooking the Oil

Place this concoction in a crock pot and set the flame on low. Then let the pot cook for at least 6 hours so that the natural aroma and properties get steeped into the mixture. If you don't want to cook the oil, then you can also store this mixture for 2 weeks in a cool dry place for the same effect.

Step # 5 - Straining and Storing

Once the oil is ready, strain the contents through a cheese cloth and into a dark-colored, airtight glass jar for storage. A dark-colored jar is used so that the sunlight cannot penetrate through the jar and disturb the natural properties and aroma of the oil. Then crush some vitamin E capsules into the mixture. Place the concoction in this jar and close the lid firmly.
This preparation will last for about 6 months. If stored in the freezer section it can be used for about a year. Now that you know how to prepare eucalyptus oil from leaves and make your own batch at home, you go about doing just that and enjoying the benefits that this oil has to offer.