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How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Marlene Alphonse
The appearance of bags around the eyes can be due to some non-clinical reasons or be a sign of some underlying health disorder. Owing to cosmetic concern, people having puffy eyes try various methods to reduce them.
Puffy eyes, or eye puffiness is a condition where the skin around the eyes swell. This swelling can be caused due to various factors like hormonal changes, fluid retention, stress, lack of proper sleep, allergies, etc. In some cases puffy eyes can be hereditary. Age can also be a factor for noticing bags under the eyes.
As you grow older, the tissues around the eyes become weak, causing the fat that supports the eyes to shift the lower eyelids, resulting in eye puffiness. Eyes may also appear swollen when fluid starts accumulating in the space beneath the eyes.
A swelling (painless) around the eyes can be caused due to several reasons. The main reason of this is lack of proper rest. If the body gets insufficient sleep the eyes tend to look droopy causing them to swell. Hormonal fluctuations, before and during menstruation, and during menopause, are responsible for water retention below the eyes, causing puffiness.
Consuming alcoholic or caffeinated drinks before retiring to bed and too much salt intake can lead to puffy eyes. Allergies, triggered due to certain factors like dust, pollen, eye makeup, etc. usually accompanied by soreness and itching, can cause bags under eyes. These can be unsightly to look at, if you have to meet people or attend meetings or parties.

Reducing Puffy Eyes Naturally

There are several methods which can be implemented to reduce eye bags and also keep a check on this condition. Follow these natural home remedies to get rid of puffiness under eyes
✦ Apply a few drops of vitamin E or castor oil around eyes before going to bed, to reduce puffiness.

✦ Squeeze juice out of a grated, medium-sized potato and add 10-15 drops of lime juice. Apply this around your eyes for five minutes
✦ Applying beaten egg white mixed with chamomile oil is known to be an effective remedy, as egg white constricts the skin under the eyes which in turn reduces under eye bags. For best results apply this mixture for around 15 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water.
✦ Splashing cold water, especially around the eyes, at least thrice a day, will help constrict the blood vessels and reduce swelling.
✦ Place two thinly-cut slices of cucumber or potato over your eyes. This will reduce swelling and also dark circles under eyes.

How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Fast

You have a party to attend or you may have to go to office early, but have puffy eyes caused due to too many late nights. Sometimes, swelling under the eyes can be induced because of crying too much. Salt in the tears causes water retention in the tissues, resulting in periorbital puffiness.
✦ Take two metal spoons and chill them in a refrigerator. Place them over your eyes until the spoons turn warm. The chillness of the spoon will reduce eye puffiness.
✦ Dipping two green tea bags in cold water and placing them over your eyes will help tighten the skin.
✦ Applying eye cream that is kept in a refrigerator can be an effective way to get rid of puffy eyes.
✦ Soak cotton pads in rose water and apply to your eyes for 20 minutes to eliminate puffiness.
✦ Use a concealer that is two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it beneath your eyes.
✦ Flush your eyes with cold water. You can also apply cold compresses over your eyes to relieve the pain and tiredness.
✦ Sandalwood oil is also known to reduce eye puffiness, since it has a cooling effect.
✦ Another remedy for curing puffy eyes from crying is to get a good night's sleep. When the body gets sufficient sleep, the fluids are restored properly, which can reduce eye puffiness.

Preventive Measures

As the popular saying goes, Prevention is better than cure, you should always exercise necessary precaution to avoid this cosmetic problem from occurring. Here are some preventive measures, following which you can avoid this eye condition.
✦ The body when dehydrated tends to store water, which may lead to water retention beneath the eyes. So always keep your body well hydrated.

✦ Avoid caffeinated drinks, especially at night.
✦ Get proper sleep as eyes require rest after a tiring day. So instead of staying awake and watching a late-night movie, hit the pillow.
✦ Avoid too much sodium in your diet. Eat a diet rich in fiber and vitamins.
✦ You can also reduce the use of eye makeup, if you are allergic to it. Avoid going to sleep wearing eye makeup.
✦ Another preventive measure for reducing puffy eyes, is to elevate your head slightly, by using an extra pillow, while sleeping.

✦ In some instances, this condition can aggravate, indicating the presence of some infection. Severe or persistent swelling is also a sign of some problem. Seek medical help to address the cause and alleviate puffiness.
If you want a permanent cure to get rid of puffy eyes, you can opt for cosmetic surgery. It is a simple procedure, where the fat deposits beneath the eyes are removed surgically through a small incision. But before undergoing such procedures, always consult an ophthalmologist. Follow these tips and you can happily bid goodbye to swollen eyes.