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How to Cure a Yeast Infection Naturally

Deeptee A
There are several causes of yeast infection, both in men and women. It is better to cure a yeast infection naturally, rather than resort to loads of antibiotics for the problem.
The root cause of a yeast infection is a fungus called candida albicans fungus. Also known as yeast, this fungus is present in small amounts with other bacteria in the genital areas, and in warm and moist areas of the body, like the armpits and the mouth. Both, men and women are susceptible to this condition. 
Women get vaginal yeast infections and men get penile yeast infections. It is estimated that almost 80% of women have at least one yeast infection in their lifetime. Around 50% of women have two yeast infections in their lifetime, and a very small number suffer from recurring infections.
The percentages are less in men, but they do face this problem too. It is necessary to kill this yeast, as in rare cases, it spreads throughout the body and can lead to fatal consequences.
There are several causes of candidiasis (yeast infection). Apart from getting infected from candida albicans fungus, people get a yeast infection when their immunity system is low, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, during a menstrual cycle, due to diabetes, and too many antibiotics.
Several other reasons like humid weather, tight clothing, synthetic clothing, HIV infection, excessive sweating, poor personal hygiene, and other allergic reactions can lead to the problem. It is also believed that the infection can be passed from one partner to the other due to unprotected sex.
Burning, soreness, itching, and vaginal discharge are some of the common symptoms experienced. It is necessary to get it treated in time to avoid discomfort, and relieve the inflammation and irritation of the skin.


Yogurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus cultures, that are known to create hydrogen peroxide which kills the yeast.
Apply some plain yogurt on the vagina. If possible, you can insert some into the vagina for immediate and effective relief.
Ensure that there is no sugar in the yogurt. You can also include yogurt in your diet to cure the infection naturally. This yogurt too should be without any sugar.

Boric Acid

According to different researches, using boric acid suppository has proved to be very effective in clearing yeast infections. Even those who suffer from diabetes have been relieved from the issue by using boric acid. However, it is advised that too much of boric acid is not good for the human body. 
Also, boric acid should not be consumed orally or applied to the genitals directly. It should not be used by children and pregnant women. Care should be taken to see that the amount of boric acid used for the treatment should not exceed the amount prescribed by the doctor.

Tea Tree Oil

One of the best home remedies is applying tea tree oil, which is said to provide relief. Experts believe that tea tree oil contains terpinen 4 ol, and this works well to reduce the infection. This oil, however, needs to be applied in a diluted form, and not in a concentrated form.


Calendula cream or a calendula ointment is an antifungal cream which helps in soothing the irritation caused due to a yeast infection. This cream can be applied on the genitals. Do not insert the cream in the vagina. In case of a mouth infection, this cream cannot be used.


Plenty of garlic in the diet can cure the infection naturally. Garlic is a natural and effective treatment for this purpose. Alternatively, there are garlic suppositories available over the counter. Do consult your doctor before taking this treatment. Also, avoid this treatment if you are allergic to garlic.

Cranberry Juice

Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice keeps the urinary tract healthy. Cranberry pills can also help cure the condition naturally.


Gentian violet, apple cider vinegar, and herbal douche are some other home remedies to cure a yeast infection naturally. These treatment options are said to be very effective. There are several other precautions that need to be taken when a person gets a yeast infection. These are:
  • Avoiding sugary foods during the yeast infection.
  • Drinking plenty of water and buttermilk regularly.
  • Wearing loose-fitting pure cotton clothes.
  • Maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Getting a Candida cleanse done.
  • Eating foods that contain friendly bacteria.
  • Not using deodorant sprays on the genital areas.
  • Avoiding to douche regularly.
  • Avoiding the constant use of pantyhose and synthetic underwear.
  • Taking bath immediately after a rigorous workout, to wash off all the sweat.
These precautionary measures are essential to be followed in order to avoid the risk of spreading the infection, and also to avoid its recurrence. Those who do not have a yeast infection can also follow these measures to avoid getting one.
Non-natural cures include using yeast infection cream and over-the-counter medications. If the infection is not cured for more than a week, immediate consultation with a doctor becomes necessary to avoid complications.