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How to Cure a Toe Cramp

Sonia Nair
Though not a life-threatening condition, a toe cramp can cause severe discomfort, till it subsides. Here are some tips to cure such cramps.
Cramps are very common, especially in legs. Even the toes may develop cramps that can cause immense pain and discomfort, till they subside. Cramps are caused by involuntary contraction of muscles. This condition may develop during rest or while doing physical activities.
Cramps may be caused by various factors like certain medical conditions, intake of some drugs, loss of electrolytes in the body, dehydration and vigorous physical activity. While legs are commonly found to develop cramps, toe cramps are also not uncommon. What is a toe cramp? We all know that cramps that develop on one or more toes are termed as toe cramps. Such cramps are characterized by sudden pain and the toes are sometimes found to bend or cross over.
Toe cramps are mostly found in dancers and those who wear high heels on a regular basis. Even those who use tight-fitting footwear may develop these cramps. In some cases, toe cramps may develop all of a sudden, when you make some abnormal toe movement. Whatever may be the cause, cramps in general are not found to be fatal and so do not require any treatment. A cramp is found to subside on its own, within a short time. There are numerous remedies for relieving a toe cramp.

Toe Cramp Remedies

As mentioned above, toe cramps are commonly found in those who regularly wear ill fitted footwear or high heels. Athletes and dancers may face this condition more often, as compared to others. If the cause is avoidable, then, it is always better to do that.
Otherwise you may try the popular toe cramp remedies. However, if the condition persists and/or is accompanied by other symptoms, then you must contact your physician for toe cramps treatment.
  • The first and foremost thing to do is to rule out the possible causes for toe cramps. If you are in the habit of wearing high-heeled footwear or ill-fitted shoes for prolonged period, then avoid that. If you can, remove the footwear in between, so that your toes can relax.
  • For those athletes and dancers who suffer from toe cramps on a regular basis, try stretching exercises. Gentle massage of the affected area may also be highly effective as a toe cramp remedy. You may also use pain relieving balms for such massaging.
  • Another method is to use ice packs over the affected toes. Application of warm water may also work wonders to cure a toe cramp. You may either pour the water over them or else dip them in warm water for some time.
  • Mostly, muscles on the extremities are not found to be involved in exercises. If you are a person who is prone to toe cramps, start some stretching exercises involving the toes. Try picking up small things from the floor, with your toes. Curl the toes towards you and then gently bend them backwards for few seconds.
  • You must also stay well hydrated and take a balanced diet. It is also said that use of calcium and magnesium supplements may prove useful for curing toe cramps. Try to include more dairy products, green leafy vegetable, nuts and fish in your diet.
The above said are some of the popular remedies for curing toe cramps. Even though, toe cramps subside within a few minutes, you may resort to any of these remedies, for getting relief from the condition. So, use of comfortable footwear and regular toe exercises along with a balanced diet may help you get rid of toe cramps.
Make sure that you are well hydrated throughout the day. If the condition develops more often, then you must consult a health practitioner, so as to rule out the possibility of other causes like underlying medical conditions. Even use of certain medication are found to cause such cramps. So, seeking the opinion of a doctor will be beneficial.