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How to Cure Eczema

How to cure eczema? If you are stuck with this question then read on the story to get details about its natural as well as medical treatments.
Niharika Arya
Eczema is a very common skin condition which is found in may people. It is caused due to the improper blood circulation, allergies, indigestion, temperature change, etc. This can also be a genetic problem which is carried on from generations.
Well, whatever may be the eczema causes, in severe conditions it can be dangerous. It's symptoms may comprise itchy, red, flaky skin. You can also find inflammation and extreme dryness in the particular affected area. Hence, it is very important to cure eczema in its initial stage itself.

How to Get Rid of Eczema?

There are many treatments for eczema which are safe and effective. Let's divide the treatment into natural treatment and medical way. This will help you to segregate the treatments as well as to get better results. So, check out how to cure eczema on feet, hands or any other parts of the body.

Natural Treatments

Natural treatments are safe and can be used as soon as you observe the problem of eczema. You can use these treatments at home also.
  • Have you heard about omega 3 essential fatty acid? It is very helpful and useful for the skin conditions like eczema, acne etc. It can be found in fish, egg yolk, dry fruits, nuts, flaxseed, etc. You can also get its supplements in the market which are very helpful.
  • You can make use of the very well-known anti-bacterial, antifungal and anti-viral oil i.e. the neem oil. It is widely used for the treatments of acne, eczema, ringworm, athlete's foot etc. You can use it as a supplement. Boil the neem leaves and then mix that water in your bathing water. Do it daily as it will reduce the infection.
  • Red clover can also be used for eczema treatment. It is well-known treatment for the diseases like psoriasis and gout. As it is a blood thinner, people who are using blood thinners in some or the other way are advised not to use it.
  • To cure eczema fast, witch hazel will be the best option. It helps in fast healing of the skin and can be easily bought from any drugstore. You can apply it on the affected skin. Continue doing this process till the eczema is totally cured.
  • Aloe vera is considered to be very effective in terms of skin infections and conditions. You can get aloe vera gel from the market or you can apply the gel directly from the plant's leaf. 
Cut a small piece from the aloe vera leaf and peal the skin off with the help of a knife. Apply the gel directly on the affected area. Repeat this process daily till eczema gets totally diminished.
  • Avoid coming in contact with the chemical which are found in detergents, soaps, etc. This may make the condition more critical. Keep your hand and feet always clean. Remove rings and other ornaments which may make the detergents stuck inside them and this may result in allergic reaction.

Medical Treatments

Till the conditions are bearable, you can treat them with the help of natural therapy. But if you are not able to get relief from the natural treatments then you need to go for the medical treatment. You may be prescribed with the following treatments.
  • Doctor may prescribe you with moisturizer and ointments specially meant for this type of skin condition. These all products should not be used without the prescription. There are some of the OTC creams which are very helpful in curing eczema in the initial stage.
  • Doctor may also prescribe you with some medications which help eczema to heal quickly. He may also give you some medications which may make you feel drowsy and help you to get a sound sleep in spite of the itching caused due to eczema.
  • The last option for doctors may be ultraviolet light therapy. This therapy should only be conducted under the supervision of a professional doctor.
To keep yourself away from eczema, you need to keep your body always clean. Try to concentrate on healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol. Keep your skin always clean and away from allergies.