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How Kundalini Rising Leads to Spiritual Enlightenment

Buzzle Staff
The quest for spiritual enlightenment is never more intense than during Kundalini practice. For the home practitioner, music and dance offer alternative ways to initiate the life force awakening.
Yogis believe that everyone has both male and female energies residing at opposite sides of the chakra line - Kundalini is the female energy that resides in your root chakra, coiled near the base of your spine.
The goal of Kundalini meditation is to encourage that energy to rise through the chakras, awakening each one along the way, until it reaches your crown chakra at the top of your head. This is where Shiva, the male energy resides, and the unification of Kundalini and Shiva is said to result in the "Kundalini awakening" that produces spiritual enlightenment.

Contacting Kundalini

Traditionally, yogis achieved Kundalini awakening through Hatha yoga or meditative techniques - this requires strict self-discipline and years of training, and even after a lifetime of trying, many people still never achieve enlightenment.
Modern techniques combine the mindfulness of meditation and the physical energy of yoga asanas to produce an intense self-awareness that may help dedicated practitioners awaken the Kundalini with less difficulty.
Because we're dealing with energies and forces of consciousness here, the practice still requires concentration and plenty of trial and error - but persistence can pay off, and the destination is worth the journey.
You'll also discover other benefits along the way - the more physical methods will contribute to good physical health, and the meditative methods will help improve your mental and emotional health.

Kundalini classes are available at most yoga centers, but you can try it yourself at home by putting a different twist on two traditional techniques.

Music Appreciation

Traditional Kundalini awakening through meditation requires an extremely patient, disciplined mind to cut through the mental clutter and commune with the life force.
Most people don't have the time or training to achieve this level of self-awareness, but listening to music can help clear out the cobwebs and put you in tune with the essence of life.
Put away your iPod and turn off the radio - singing along to your favorite song won't do it. Instead, find a quiet room where you can remain undisturbed - it is vitally important that you aren't interrupted.
Turn on some music that moves you - classical composers expose you to the peak of human brilliance, while modern New Age artists frequently compose music specifically made to plumb the depths of the mind. Stay away from music with lyrics, because words can be distracting and are usually unnecessary.
Play the music loud enough that it's the only thing you can hear. If loud music isn't feasible, use headphones. Turn off the lights, get comfortable, and focus your entire consciousness on the sounds you hear. Listen like you've never listened before, picking up every nuance and shade. The longer you listen, the more self-aware you'll become, and the easier it will be to contact the Kundalini.


In much the same way that music can help unite your mind and your consciousness, dance awakens your physical energy and elevates your consciousness to an awakening-ready state.
The effect is similar to that of the Hatha yoga approach, but requires absolutely no guidance. Music appreciation comes into play with this technique as well, but there's the added benefit of physical movement that can manifest your inner self.
Choose your music the same way for this technique, focusing on truly moving pieces without distracting lyrics. Find a space large enough to move in - clear away furniture if you must, but it is vital that your movements remain uninhibited. Some people prefer to find a private area outdoors to take advantage of the added benefit of nature, which works in its own way to achieve the same goal.
Turn on your music, and listen. Don't begin to move until you are truly in sync with what you're hearing. Don't dance the way you do on a dance floor, just allow the music to move your body. This is not about how you look, it's about allowing your inner self to awaken. No movement is better than forced movement.
You'll probably begin slowly as your body gets used to the idea of having free rein over your mind, but you'll be surprised at what will manifest if you let it.
Music is a powerful thing. It can create or ruin a mood, it can calm or agitate, and it is the soundtrack to your life. It can represent absolute genius or absolute garbage, and it is an essential part of the human condition.
Being a part of the music and allowing it to take over your body and mind frees your consciousness to commune with the Kundalini, and makes the journey through the chakras more natural. The unification of Kundalini and Shiva may not coincide with the climax of the song, but it will definitely be a climax in your life's journey.