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Hot Stone Massage Benefits

Nicks J
Coming home after long hours at the workplace, we yearn for something that would provide relief from the ill-effects of having a hectic schedule. A hot stone massage could be the solution to recharge our body and mind. It relieves muscle aches and helps beat stress and depression.
In hot stone massage technique, which has been around for centuries, hot, smooth, oval rocks are kept on certain areas of the back, generally along the spinal cord. The transfer of heat from the rocks to the body induces warmth and helps in overall well-being. Depending on the type of hot stone massage technique being used, the therapist may apply some pressure on the heated stones.

Advantages of Hot Stone Massage

Those longing for a natural remedy to enhance physical well-being and keeping stress-induced illnesses at bay can certainly depend on this hot stone massage therapy. It is discussed below:

A Natural Painkiller

It helps ease muscle tension and stiffness. As this massage uses heat, it is more effective in providing pain relief when compared to a Swedish massage. A Swedish massage involves moving the hand over the patient's body in a specific manner.
While this does help to relieve pain, it isn't very effective as compared to a hot stone massage. The effect of a Swedish massage is superficial, whereas the heat of a hot stone massage passes through the skin to heal the underlying muscle and joint tissues.
The deep penetrating heat simply 'kills' the stiffness and the pain of the underlying tissues. It is no wonder then, that patients of arthritis and sciatica who undergo this massage therapy experience substantial relief from the annoying aches that they often complain of. Even people diagnosed with fibromyalgia experience a great deal of comfort with this massage therapy.

Promotes Mental Well-being

In today's stress ridden world, one is bound to experience symptoms of mental disorders like depression and anxiety.
Hot stone massage therapy provides one of the best ways to combat these emotional disorders. In order to bust the side effects of stress, undergoing session of this massage is recommended. This unique massage type imbues a feeling of relaxation and elevates mood, thereby reducing stress and depression. It is indeed an excellent treatment to uplift oneself.

Boosts Blood Circulation

Besides alleviating muscle aches, it also provides an easy way to combat poor circulation problems. The heat emitted by the hot stones, which are then placed on your body, stimulate blood circulation, thereby ensuring adequate oxygen and nutrient supply to various parts of the body.

Relaxes the Mind

One of the reasons why hot stone massage is effective to resolve mental fatigue is its ability to calm the mind. As aches and pains disappear while taking a hot stone massage, the mind also attains a state of calmness. This helps rejuvenate both the mind and the body.

Cures Insomnia

Fed up with sleeping problems? Unable to get a good night's sleep? Well, there is good news for insomniacs. This type of massage has shown to help people suffering from insomnia. The therapeutic effect of this massage can help you sleep better and peacefully even if it does not completely cure insomnia.
A point to note that this massage is not recommended for pregnant women and for those suffering from hypertension. For anyone else this massage can be exactly what they are looking for at the end of a tiring week. So, the next time you feel depressed or stressed, opt for a rejuvenating hot stone massage. It is the perfect way to escape from muscle pain and stress related problems.