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Honey and Cinnamon: Not Just for Sweet Rolls

Buzzle Staff
Everyone knows how important honey and cinnamon are to delicious treats such as muffins, cinnamon rolls, danishes, cakes and pies, and even breakfast cereal. But did you know that honey and cinnamon can treat a variety of medical ailments and even cure diseases?
Honey is produced in almost all the countries in the world, and has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of ailments. But when combined with cinnamon, the medical benefits of honey become even more potent. - Carol Johnson
Using honey medically has no side effects. Researchers say that even diabetics aren't harmed by the sweetness of honey, if it is taken in medicinal dosages. Western scientists have discovered amazing effects of honey and cinnamon on a variety of illnesses.

Heart disease

A paste of honey and cinnamon powder can be spread on bread or toast instead of jelly and jam, and eaten daily for breakfast. The mixture reduces cholesterol in the arteries, which can lessen the risk of heart attacks. For people who have already experienced a heart attack, eating the mixture on a regular basis can lessen the chance of another attack.
In America and Canada, nursing homes have regularly treated the affected people with the same to help revitalize the arteries and veins, increasing blood flow.

Immune system

Daily ingestion of honey and cinnamon powder strengthens the immune system and protects the body from bacterial and viral infections. Honey contains various vitamins and large amounts of iron, which strengthens white blood cells to fight bacteria and viral diseases.
A Spanish researcher in 1995 proved that honey contains a natural ingredient that kills influenza germs. Cinnamon taken on a daily basis also helps lower blood glucose.

Gastric disturbances

Honey taken with cinnamon powder cures stomach aches and can help heal stomach ulcers. According to studies done in India and Japan, honey mixed with cinnamon powder relieves gas by removing acidity and helps with digestion and absorption of nutrients. Honey mixed with cinnamon can also help cure bladder infections by destroying germs in the bladder.

Skin infections

Apply honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts as a masque on the skin to cure eczema, ringworm, and other types of skin infections. Apply the paste to pimples and blemishes before going to bed and then wash it off the following morning with warm water. The mixture clears pimples and infections, leaving the skin smooth and clear.

Longevity and fatigue

Studies have shown that the sugar content of honey is helpful in providing strength to the body and mind.
Senior citizens who regularly ingest honey and cinnamon powder in equal amounts are often more alert, have more flexibility, and have more energy throughout the day. Tea made with this mixture also arrests the ravages of old age by keeping the skin fresh and soft, and increasing blood flow.


Recent research in Japan and Australia has even determined that certain types of cancer can be effectively treated and perhaps even cured by a mixture of honey and cinnamon. Stomach cancer, leukemia, and bone cancer have all shown improvement when treated with daily doses of honey and cinnamon mixed in equal measures.
Many people the world over have eaten honey and cinnamon regularly just because it makes them feel better overall. One last useful tip is that this mixture can be enjoyed by everyone the world over, even people in excellent health.
Try gargling first thing in the morning with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water. Your breath will stay fresh throughout the day, and if you drink the water after gargling, you'll feel vital and energized the whole day.