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Homemade Colon Cleansers to Lose Weight

Rujuta Borkar
Colon cleansers not only aid in the cleansing of the system, but are an excellent way to lose weight as well. In the following story will give you some of the ways in which this can be carried forth.
A colon cleanse carried out from time to time will not only keep you healthy and carry out detoxification, but lead to effective and healthy weight loss as well. There's better news―it can be effectively carried out at home. Plus, a homemade colon cleanse would make things much simpler and healthier than going in for something that is expensive and synthetic. In the following article, we will focus on some of these recipes.

Natural Homemade Colon Cleansers

The following are some recipes that you can try out and lose weight with.

Green Papaya

  1. Take pieces of green papaya (200 gm) and mix with it varied fruits like apples, oranges, melons etc.
  2. Now add water and blend into a juice.
  3. Do not add any artificial spicing and flavoring, like salt.
  4. Consume this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and continue to have portions throughout the day.
  5. Supplement it with lots and lots of water.

Cleansing Tea

  1. Boil any herbal tea powder in water and add to it basil leaves, ginger(crushed), mint leaves, and cloves.
  2. Let this simmer for 5 minutes on a low flame.
  3. Once it has warmed down, add a few drops of lemon juice to it and consume.
4. This cleanser works over a period of a month to bring about the desired results.

5. Other homemade colon cleansers that can be added to the tea include fennel, senna, pepper, garlic, and psyllium husk.

The Ayurvedic Cleanse

Ayurveda is a form of alternative medicine that is practiced in India and the methods suggested in this, act as an excellent homemade colon cleanse to lose weight. In this form, the colon cleansing is taken up as a holistic method rather than simply consuming natural cleansing products or following a colon cleanse diet. Here is how it's done.
  • For a week, consciously try and eliminate all those type of foods that may tax your digestive health. These include milk products, meats and excess sugar, alcohol, and other stimulants.
  • After the week is up, use a special colon cleansing formula which goes like this.
  • Crushed fennel seeds (3 tsp.), cumin (3 tsp.), coriander powder (3 tsp.), black pepper (2 pinches), cardamom pods (6), ginger (fresh and sliced, 2) and water (6 cups). Mix all these ingredients and simmer for 5 minutes.
  • Cool and store. Drink a cup in the morning and one in the evening for 3 days.
  • This will help to stimulate the intestines and to empty and tone them.
  • Once this is done, you can go back to the less taxing diet and slowly ease into your regular diet.
  • Repeat this a few times in a year.

Psyllium-Bentonite Clay Cleanser

  1. Take a teaspoon of Psyllium husk, 1 teaspoon of bentonite clay liquid and drinking water (10 ounces).
  2. Mix all ingredients together and drink for effective colon cleansing.
  3. Make sure you follow the same with a glass of plain water.
3. Try and consume this on an empty stomach and wait for an hour before you eat anything else.

4. Start out with consuming this once a day and then increase it to 3 - 5 times a day.
Follow these recipes well and be patient with the results.
Disclaimer - This story is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.