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Homemade Colon Cleanse

Kanika Goswami
Colon cleansing and intestinal scrubbing is of utmost importance for the entire system to stay healthy, toned, and hydrated. There are some homemade colon cleansers that do the trick, sometimes even better than drugs.
The digestive system is the base of the vitality and immunity of the human body. A malfunctioning intestine and a clogged colon may be fatal for anybody, in the long run. Colon cleansing or complete detoxification is best done without introducing any kind of unnatural or chemical substances into the body.
Ever since mankind started understanding the way the digestive tract worked, and the science of medicine originated, colon cleansing activities have taken the top role in all kinds of cures.
The best things that will effectively clean up a clogged colon or intestine are those that can be prepared at home, be introduced to the body slowly, and taken over a period of time, for best results.
Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old science of wellness insists that toxins in the body introduced by undigested foods, resultant accumulation of waste matter, and its absorption into the blood stream, can cause more harm than any infection. Hence, it recommends several ways of keeping the colon healthy.
Fasting: This is the best known and most ancient remedy for natural colon cleansing. Control over the quantity of food eaten comes a close second to fasting.
Bentonite Clay: One of the best known remedy for colon cleansing is Bentonite clay, with extremely strong binding powers. A mixture of Psyllium husk with warm water can help clean the colon of waste matter over a period of a few weeks.
The important thing is that during the course of this treatment, the digestive system cannot take anything heavy so it is best to stick to a diet of fresh fruits and semi-cooked vegetables accompanied with lots of water and juices.
Juices: The importance and efficacy of juices cannot be overemphasized if one were to use recipes for homemade colon cleansing. The juices of fresh fruits and vegetables contain alkalizing salts and enzymes that help in colon cleansing.
The water content in these juices also helps in flushing out dislodged filth from the intestines. In addition to clay and juices, warm water enemas using herb solutions can also help in the condition.
Herbs: Most of the homemade colon cleanse recipes use herbs and naturally grown products. However, using herbs, herbal solutions, or even additives, in your diet may work the wrong way if one is not aware of the exact quantities, the right proportions, and the inherent nature of the herb.
Herbs bought in just any store may contain materials that may disagree with your system. Be sure of the mix you make, and the amount it is to be used in. For instance, ayurvedic herbs like Triphala, Haritaki, Bibhitaki, and Amalaki are very effective.
However, the fact that each of these herbs have some qualities that could create dangerous situations if their intake is not monitored correctly, is also noteworthy.
Physical colon cleansing solutions are also available in the market. Though not homemade, these can be safely practiced at home. One may opt for colon irrigation, which is an automatic waste disposal system, so you don't have to go rushing to the loo.
Whatever be your choice of a colon cleanser, always ensure that there is a sufficient intake of additional nutrients taken, so the flushing process is accompanied by nutritional replenishment. These are:
  • A probiotic is a dietary supplement that usually consists of bacteria or yeast, that is very useful to maintain the flora in the digestive system.
  • If not a supplement, try to include yeast flakes or raw egg in your diet. These would be effective as nutritional supplements, and do the same job as a multivitamin.
  • You will need an oil supplement; cod liver oil or coconut oil will do very well in this case.
  • A vitamin C supplement is also required during a colon cleanse process, so ensure intake of plenty of citrus juices. This way, the feeling of exhaustion will not be a trouble.
To avoid the problems of ignorance, holistic systems of colon cleansing are being developed. Of course, holistic solutions need a holistic environment to succeed. However, homemade colon cleansing processes and elements are much more effective and useful in the long run.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and not intended to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.