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Home Remedies for Swollen Jaw

Jaw swelling may be caused by different reasons that may range from mild to severe. This story deals with some home remedies that may provide you with relief from the condition.
Sonia Nair
Inflammation of the jaw is associated with various diseases and disorders. If the swelling is severe and is accompanied by other symptoms like severe pain, fever, etc. then, you have to seek immediate medical attention. But, mild cases can often be corrected with some simple home remedies.
However, it will be beneficial for you to have a basic idea about the possible causes of jaw swelling. This article will provide you with some information about some of the common causes of jaw inflammation and the popular home remedies for the same.

Swollen Jaw Causes

Swelling in the jaw need not be due to a jaw problem, as there are various other conditions that may lead to this problem. As we all know, trauma or injury to the jaw is one of the common causes of swollen jaw.
An accident or a serious fall or any other activity that creates immense pressure on the jaws, may cause fracture of the bone, which is another reason for such swelling. However, the most common cause for a swollen jaw is found to be tooth and gum problems, like impacted wisdom tooth, gingivitis, tooth abscesses, etc.
Swelling of the jaw may develop in those who have undergone surgery of the jaw area. This may include liposuction of the cheeks or chin. Even cosmetic facial surgeries may sometimes cause swelling of the jaw.
Your jaw may appear to be swollen, if the lymph nodes located beneath these bones get inflamed. This may happen when the body develops some sort of infection. Another possible cause for swollen jaw is jaw cysts that are like fluid-filled pimples, which are found on the skin in the jaw area.

Home Remedies for Jaw Swelling

Swollen jaw is a condition that may be caused by any of the above said factors. So, it is clear that if there is severe swelling with other symptoms like bruising, bleeding, severe pain or fever, you must seek immediate medical attention. In such cases, it is not wise to resort to home remedies.
If the symptoms are so minor that all you want is to manage them on your own without going to the doctor, you may try the following remedies for swollen jaw at home.
  • If the swelling is due to injury or trauma, then refrain from moving the jaw for a few days. As you cannot avoid such movements completely, try to minimize them.
  • Avoid yawning, talking, singing and making sounds. Try to consume watery foods, because chewing may also cause movements of the jaw. It is also said that eating cold foods may be useful for reducing swelling of the jaw.
  • As far as food is concerned, caffeinated products are said to increase the pain associated with swollen jaw. Some people opt for vitamin C supplements that are claimed to provide relief from swelling and pain.
  • Application of cold compresses over the jaw may prove useful for alleviating swelling and pain of the jaw. You can apply cold packs for at least 15 minutes, at an interval of every two hours. You may also try keeping a soft cushion or pillow under the jaw to avoid jaw movements during sleep.
  • Potatoes are claimed to work wonders in relieving pain and inflammation of the jaw. All you have to do is to make thin slices of this vegetable and place them over the affected area for sometime. Repeat this four to five times a day for best results.
Apart from the above said ones, you may find various other swollen jaw remedies, like deep breathing, which is said to relax the jaw muscles thereby providing relief. Massaging is also said to be beneficial for this purpose, but make sure not to apply pressure over the affected area.
In short, some of the above mentioned home remedies may prove useful in reducing swelling and pain of the jaw. However, it is not advisable to stick to home remedies always, if you find no relief or if the symptoms worsen. The same applies to those who develop additional symptoms. In such cases, contact your doctor for jaw swelling treatment that will be provided as per the cause for the condition.