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Home Remedies for Common Fever

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Common fever refers to a condition, when the body temperature rises slightly above the normal suggested range in a constant manner. Home remedies for common fever along with strict monitoring of the daily diet are effectual to treat this mild fever condition.
An abnormal rise in the body temperature more than the normothermia range for an extended period is called fever. While the body temperature gets elevated to more than the ideal range (98.2±1.3°F) but not much, say between 101 to 103.5 °F, then it is diagnosed as common fever. In an individual with common fever, running high temperature is accompanied with body pain, headache, weakness, shivering, thirst, less urine output, rapid breathing, excess perspiration and nauseated feeling.
The causes of this medical condition are attributed to mild infections, exposure to chemical irritants, ingestion of allergic substances, medication side effect, physical exertion, unhygienic living and existing diseases. In fact, many people develop common fever after taking cold water bath or drenching in the rain for a long time.
So, you can expect a high probability rate of exhibiting this condition. While it is not a medical emergency, adopting home remedies for curing common fever is suggested to prevent it from worsening.

Common Fever Home Remedies

Both children and adults manifest common fever symptoms frequently, just like common cold. In children, viral infection is a major reason for causing common fever and high fever. Running high temperature indicates that the immune system is engaged in defending the body against infections. The effectual home remedies for common fever are aimed at reducing body temperature and addressing discomfort symptoms, while the body tries to get rid of toxic substances or infections.
  • Drinking ample amounts of water is undoubtedly one of the easy tips to bring down fever naturally. The point is to replenish water that gets lost through excess sweating and vomiting (if present). Water also helps in keeping the body hydrated and fresh.
  • Resting and refraining from any kind of exertion activities are a must for restoring normal body temperature. The objective is to support the body in expelling unwanted substances and microbes, which are responsible for causing high temperature.
  • Decoction made from holy basil is a good remedy for common fever. For preparing 2 servings of it, boil 1 liter water with 25 g of holy basil leaves, until the liquid thickens. Divide into half and serve one with milk and cardamom powder. Store the remaining decoction in the freezer and serve later.
  • Basil leaves (both of holy basil and sweet basil) can be used to make juice for common fever treatment. Wash fresh basil leaves properly and grind them to make juice. Dilute spoonfuls of this basil juice in a glass of water and have it 2-3 times daily, and you will notice that the body temperature will drop very soon.
  • Prepare saffron tea and drink it several times a day. This is one way for lowering body temperature to normal level. Measure 60 ml of boiling water and add a teaspoon of saffron to it. Allow mixture to settle down for some time, and take 1 teaspoon of this tea at a time.
  • Having fenugreek seed tea. To enjoy a soothing drink, slightly roast fenugreek seeds, grind them and use 2 teaspoons of this powder in tea preparation. Strain tea and serve warm with a small amount of clarified butter.
  • Crushed raisin is an effective, yet palatable remedy for reducing fever in children naturally. Soak some raisins in clean water overnight. Next day, mash them in the same water, remove the skin part and feed it to children.
  • Another home remedy for bringing down common fever is giving a sponge bath. The effectiveness of cold bath as a fever treatment is debatable. So, to be on the safer side, wipe underarms, forehead, back and other body areas with a damp sponge at regular intervals.
  • Juices of grapefruit, oranges and lime are effective for common fever treatment at home. They give a cooling effect to feverish people, reduce thirst, provide nutrition and strengthen the body for fighting against infections. Preferably use fresh fruits to enjoy juices, instead of drinking canned ones.
  • Tamarind is another antimicrobial agent that can be used for counteracting viral infections and common fever. Crush tamarind leaves along with a piece of turmeric root. Add water to the paste, strain it and drink it for combating common fever.
  • When it comes to natural remedies for common fever, hog weed and bloodwort serve the same purpose. They are effective to induce sweating and aid in bringing down fever. Use 15 g of any of these herbs and add it in a cup of boiling water. Let the herb infuse for some time, strain and drink.
  • Apricot juice is a natural tonic, which also works great in treating fever. Make fresh apricot juice and stir in a teaspoon of honey for increasing its therapeutic properties. Stir well and serve. Or simply enjoy fresh apricots to quicken fever treatment.
  • Juice made from honey, lime juice and ginger is an age-old remedy for treating viral infections. Taking this into consideration, common fever caused due to virus can be treated by consuming a concoction of honey, lime juice and ginger juice, twice or thrice daily.
Besides aforementioned home remedies, one should follow a healthy diet for promoting the immune system. Foods that put pressure on the digestive system, carbonated beverages and alcohol should be eliminated strictly.
Enjoy easily digestible, homemade foods and stay hydrated to overcome common fever symptoms. If, by any chance, common fever persists, or the body temperature rises further, consult doctor for correct antipyretic medications and fever treatment options.