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Home Remedies For Common Cold & Cough In Children

Shalaka Bhosale
This Story shares a few home remedies for common cold and cough in children. These are soothing not only for the children, but also helpful in reducing the parents' worries.
Common cold and cough are the most common ailments in children. Common cold is caused due to acute viral infection of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, often involving the sinuses. Cough is generally a response to some irritating condition such as inflammation, or the presence of mucus in the respiratory tract.
It can also occur as an infection or allergy to heavy dust, or industrial or tobacco smoke. Cough and cold generally affect the food intake, sleep, and energy levels in children, and they become irritable to some extent.
All the said symptoms are obviously mentally disturbing to parents. Below are a few home remedies for common cold and cough, that can be tried. These are sure to have the parents sighing in relief.
Miraculous Massage: Warm up coconut oil, and gently massage it over your child's chest for about 5 minutes. Repeat the same on the upper portion of the back. This massage should be given just before you put him/her to sleep. An important point to remember is to avoid cool or cold conditions after the massage. Make sure that the fans and air conditioners are off. This simple treatment will keep the cough away, and aid a good, undisturbed sleep.
Garlic Treatment: Most of us are aware by now about garlic's usefulness as a blood thinner, antioxidant, and cancer preventive. In addition to these, it also works wonders against common cold. Skin about 5-6 cloves of garlic. Prepare a necklace of these cloves using a normal thread and needle. Put it around your child's neck while he/she is sleeping. The pungent garlic will do the rest.
Avoid Certain Foods: If your child is frequently falling prey to common cold and cough, it is best that you avoid bananas and milk. If children are asked to stay away from milk, it worries parents to no extent. You can substitute it with soy milk; doing so, you would be giving your child the best of both worlds.
Give grapes only in the month of February and March. Reduce the intake of tomatoes, black-eyed beans, peanuts, and any items made from chickpea flour. Another important point for all parents to remember is: No Water for 20 minutes after consuming any fruit.
One Teaspoon Of Magic: Ginger tea is like a magic potion that can be made a routine. 1 tsp. of regular tea with 3-4 drops of ginger juice, first thing in the morning, will keep your child away from cold.
Avoid Chocolates: These are known to yield nothing but cavities, cold, cough, and unwanted calories. They consist almost exclusively of flavored fondant and praline. Fondant is virtually 100% sugar, and pralines are just as bad.
All the aforementioned home remedies are simple and effortless. You can also use these as precautionary measures. Don't wait to implement them till the next time your child has a running nose and a hacking cough.