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Hibiscus Tea and Blood Pressure

Naomi Sarah
Hibiscus tea and blood pressure have been researched on to see whether the two work together or not, where results have been found to be satisfactory.
Let's find out about the health benefits here on the hibiscus flower and how it helps lower one's blood pressure...
Hibiscus tea has many beneficial properties tucked inside a single glass of this herbal mix, where teas that are herb-based have been known to rein in a lot of health benefits. The hibiscus is a deep red petaled flowering, with many varieties of this spotted worldwide.
The most commonly used one in teas is the big blossoming kind in the red category, that is abundant in health attributes. So what is it about hibiscus tea and blood pressure that has got people interested when it comes to drinking this concoction? Let's find out more about this in the following Buzzle write-up analysis.

Hibiscus Tea for High Blood Pressure

There have been many studies conducted about how hibiscus can effectively reduce blood pressure, because of its protective abilities when it comes to one's blood vessels.
It contains chemicals called anthocyanins which solidify protein (collagen) in the blood vessels, thus greatly improving its functionality, ultimately providing sturdiness to tissues and cells along with the vessels.
The hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure in hypertension patients, thus protecting the blood vessels and heart muscles from oxidative damage. It has been said by doctors, that drinking at least three cups of this tea a day, can reduce levels of high blood pressure.
The studies (AHA; American Heart Association conference headed by Diane L. McKay, Ph.D.) conducted on hibiscus tea and its effects on HBP, show that the difference in levels aren't phenomenal, but over day the numbers add up, thus helping patients steer away from problems like heart attacks, and strokes.
As an alternative to medication that promises to do the same, hibiscus tea is vouched for as being a far better alternative and an effective one at that.
The hibiscus sabdariffa tree sports these red flowers which are widely used as a herbal tea for health perks that help both blood pressure and other vital functions of the body. It isn't enough for some patients though, to completely rely on hibiscus tea to gain that advantage of lowering blood pressure upon consumption.
You'd need to also seek medical help on ways on how to lower blood pressure, and also keep it maintained by drinking this tea blend everyday. Eating a diet that helps your blood pressure stay balanced, and working on ways on how to lead a healthier lifestyle combined with exercise, will help you with your pressure related problems.
The whole idea of hibiscus tea drinking is to temporarily dilate the blood vessels thus, increasing urine levels to help lessen the volume of blood. It helps in maintaining blood pressure levels and can keep it on a no danger level, as long as you also use other ways to help your system if your doctor thinks that drinking the tea only, isn't sufficient.
A lot of teas have similar properties, but hibiscus scores the highest in that area.

Health Benefits of Drinking Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea has myriad properties nestled in its flowering, which many people have come to take a liking to given its fragrant smell and inviting flavor. Let's dig deeper now at the benefits of this wonder flower
  • Can help one fight against heart disease.
  • Can rid the body of harmful toxins and of course lower blood pressure caused by bad lifestyle habits or stress.
  • Great source of vitamin C, making it ideal for the flu and cold.
  • Helps control mood swings caused when under a bout of depression.
  • Can help those suffering from liver problems.
  • Can lower bad cholesterol levels in the body.
  • Can aid those wanting to shed a couple of pounds in a healthy, gradual manner.
  • Can help prevent constipation, and can offer aid to those suffering from inflammation.
  • Can avoid the body from absorbing large amounts of carbohydrates.
  • Helps one's body fend for itself by fighting against infections.

How to Make Hibiscus Tea

You just have to saturate in a hot cup of water, about a tablespoon of dried/fresh hibiscus flowers, and couple it with lemon juice or cinnamon for added flavor. Add to this a sachet of stevia, and a vanilla bean for a soothing finish. Stir well, and drink while hot.
You could always make this as iced tea, if not hot, by allowing it to reach room temperature before plopping ice cubes/crushed ice into it, and whatever ingredients you fancy (like say, crushed mint leaves/varied flavored essences that would complement your tea).
Encourage others also to drink this tea, which show results in no time, and can really help you battle against high blood pressure. Be sure to include this in your diet and make the most of its many helpful benefits. Have a healthy tomorrow.