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Herbs for Muscle Spasms

Sonia Nair
Herbs too are used as remedies for relieving muscle spasms. Here is some information about the herbs that are commonly used for relieving muscle spasms.
Muscle spasms can cause utter discomfort and pain in the affected area and may sometimes restrict movement. In most cases, this condition is found to subside on its own, within a short time and does not require any treatment. Anyway, a muscle spasm can be relieved with some simple home remedies. Some people use certain herbs for relief from muscle spasms.

Herbs for Relieving Muscle Spasms

Involuntary contraction of muscles of a particular area results in tightening of the muscle fibers that affects the blood flow to that location. This results in pain and discomfort and the condition is termed muscle spasm, which is mostly found to develop in the legs, back, shoulder, neck and arms. There are various contributory factors for this condition and these include, improper posture, prolonged sitting or standing, strenuous physical activities, dehydration, certain diseases and disorders and use of certain drugs.
This condition is often found to last for a very short duration and so, treatment is usually not required. But, if the discomfort is unbearable or is prolonged, then, you may resort to home remedies for muscle cramps. These include use of ice packs or warm compresses, massage, etc. Some people resort to herbs for muscle spasms. This has to be done as per the instructions of a qualified herbal practitioner. Herbal treatment for muscle spasms may include those for topical application and/or ingestion.

For Topical Application

Eucalyptus oil is one of the commonly used herbal remedies for relieving muscle spasms. All you have to do is to mix a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a carrier oil, before applying it on the affected part.
Garlic is also used for getting rid of muscle spasms. Cook crushed garlic cloves (around 10 to 15) in oil (50 ml of any cooking oil) and let the oil reduce to half. Apply this oil over the affected part for relief from spasms.
Another popular herbal remedy for muscle spasms is powdered ginger. Take some hot water in a bucket and add 50 grams of powdered ginger into it. As the water turns yellow in color, immerse a towel in it.
Take out the towel and wring out the excess water, before placing it on the affected part. Wait for at least two minutes, before repeating the process (till the spasm subsides).
You may also prepare a mixture of 15 ml lobelia tincture, 30 ml cramp bark tincture and 35 ml wintergreen essential oil with a cup of sweet almond oil. This mixture is said to be an excellent herbal massage oil for relieving muscle spasms.
Diluted calendula tincture can also be applied over the affected part as a herbal remedy for muscle spasm. Even arnica cream is said to work wonders in getting rid of this condition.

For Ingestion

Chamomile tea is one of the commonly used herbal remedies for muscle spasms. Even peppermint tea and ginger tea are said to be useful for this purpose.
One of the popular culinary herbs,rosemary is also believed to be useful for relieving muscle spasms. Some people use celery seed tea as a muscle spasm remedy.
Other herbs for muscle spasms include yarrow, wild yam, goldenrod, cramp bark extract, feverfew, valerian root, ginkgo biloba, passionflower, horse chestnut and meadowsweet.
This was only a brief overview about some of the herbs that are used for relieving muscle spasms. This story is for informative purposes only and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice. So, if you wish to use these herbs for relief from muscle spasms, then, you must contact a qualified herbal practitioner.
You may try the above said remedies, especially, those for ingestion, after seeking his opinion. Make sure you inform him about your current medical conditions and medications you are on. While occasional muscle spasms are common and are found to be relieved with home remedies, if the condition is persistent or prolonged, you must seek medical attention.