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Herbal Remedies for Cough

Rohini Mohan
Herbal remedies for cough are easy to make and effective in fighting against the infection. These herbs help reduce congestion, sooth the throat, and extract phlegm from the lungs.
Sometimes even after a cold disappears, the cough remains for weeks. This causes a lot of stress on the throat and the abdominal muscles, which get sore and cause pain.
Fortunately, there are some effective herbal remedies for cough which can be made from simple household ingredients.

Herbal Vaporizer

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Homemade vaporizers can make a world of difference in helping the congestion in your chest to clear out. The idea is to extract as much phlegm from the lungs as possible, because it is this congestion which is causing you to cough so rampantly.
You may either use machine vaporizers or you could simply use a steel jug or plastic bowl in which you can pour steaming hot water. Here is what you must do.
Heat some water in a container and add a handful of peppermint leaves into the water. Let it come to a boil and wait until it begins to steam.If you do not have peppermint leaves, buy a bottle of extract or oil and add that along with the eucalyptus extract. You may use tea tree oil extracts as well, as this herb is equally excellent for cough, cold, and infections.

Ginger Toffees

Ginger has been used for curing cough and cold since generations and is an essential home remedy for cough. It has anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce the infection in the chest and the throat. Its antibacterial properties makes sure that the body's resistance grows and the infection subsides.
You can grate the ginger to make fine threads, after which you must add the honey and black pepper.
Chew this concoction and swallow the juice very slowly. Let the juice work its magic in your throat. You will notice that the next time you cough a lot of phlegm will come out with it.

Lemon Juice

Every time we fell ill or felt something catching on, we drank fresh lemon juice, sweetened with natural honey. Here is the catch though, you will need to drink the juice hot, by heating up the water and then squeezing the lemon juice into it. This concoction is guaranteed to be effective against, cough, cold and congestion.

Honey and Black Pepper

Take a tablespoon of honey and add a small amount of black pepper on the honey. Now swallow the concoction so that you can feel the honey reaching all the sore areas in your throat. This remedy will help you stop coughing immediately.

Peppermint Tea

You can either buy peppermint tea from any general store or you could make tea using fresh peppermint leaves. Once the water has absorbed most of the peppermint extract, you may either drink it directly or you could add some honey to the tea.

Other Helpful Remedies

Saline water gargle helps ease the inflammation in the throat. Try to gargle every four to five hours so as to remove the build up of infection. Chicken soup also helps sooth the throat, so you can enjoy a hearty meal even when everything else seems unpalatable.