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Health Benefits of Noni Powder

Hemangi Harankhedkar
Consuming noni fruit is known to provide many health benefits. Grounding dried noni fruit or dehydrating its pulp will result in noni powder which also provides the same health benefits as noni fruit. An overview of noni powder has been presented below.
A native to Southeast Asia, and regions of Australia, the noni plant is now widely cultivated across the tropics. The botanical name for this plant is Morinda Citrifolia. The use of noni plant to treating serious ailments like diabetes, depression, flu and elevated blood pressure has grown substantially over the years. There are many ways you can avail the myriad health benefits of noni. One popular way is by making use of noni powder, which is offered by many manufacturers.
Since a long time, the Polynesian cultures have been harnessing the benefits of the noni plant for treating common problems like bowel irregularities, liver diseases, urinary tract infection and menstrual cramps. Benefits are chiefly derived by using the roots, leaves, bark and fruits of the noni plant. Noni juice, powder and capsules are the popular ways to include it in your health regimen. There are many beauty products also that have noni as an ingredient.

Using Noni Powder for Health

Noni is a natural antioxidant, similarly, noni in the powdered form also acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are essential for proper growth and development of the body, especially for a sound and healthy immune system. Antioxidants promote regeneration of the cells and tissues, which is an essential process for recuperating from any disease or prior damage to the body. It is also rich in vitamins A, E and C, and this makes it a healthy supplement.
Noni powder is chiefly consumed as a dietary supplement, serving as a good source of fiber, iron and potassium. Essential amino acids in it help in the normalization of varying blood pressure and triglycerides level
Proponents of the powder believe that
1. It helps in fast relief from sinus infections, cold and flu.
2. It provides relief from pain, arising from sprains, injuries and conditions like arthritis and atherosclerosis.
3. A report had also found that noni helps in fighting rheumatism, allergies and getting over addictions.
4. Use it as a daily tonic to counter stress, fight asthma and dysentery is quite popular.
5. Research is still in progress to validate its anti-carcinogenic properties. There is strong speculation that noni possesses properties that can help cure cancer.
Although noni is safe and free from side effects when used in its purest form, nevertheless some side effects of using noni powder have been reported. Insufficient research on the use makes it quite difficult to guarantee the absence of side effects. Moreover, it is classified as a supplement, i.e, it is not sold as medicine that cures an ailment. Noni powder thus does not pass the stringent guidelines of the FDA, unlike drugs. 
The downside to using it is that some users experienced liver dysfunction. Its high potassium content can pose trouble for those who have been asked to keep a check on their potassium intake.
For, diabetics, it is best to take an expert opinion before consuming the powder, because, it has high sugar content. Breast feeding mothers should consult a doctor before consuming it, to avoid any future complications. It is also suspected that noni powder reduces the effectiveness of previously prescribed medication.
To sum up, noni powder indeed offers all the above benefits, but only when it is consumed in a pure form. So, just make sure you are consuming a powder that is unadulterated and is from a reliable source. If a patient suffers from any previous ailments, it is recommended to consume it only after consulting a doctor.