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Health Benefits of Black Cherry Juice

Bidisha Mukherjee
Black cherry juice has amazing healing qualities and is widely used as an alternative medicine for a host of health problems. This will enrich your knowledge on health benefits of black cherry juice. Read on...
There are many varieties of cherries like black, red, Bing, maraschino, mascara and so on. Among them, dark colored cherries are more nutritious. Black cherry (Prunus serotina) is one such variety which has dark color and sweet taste.
It belongs to the rose family and is native to North America. The health benefits of black cherry juice is due to the presence of high amounts of vitamins A, C and E and minerals like potassium. Besides, there are at least 15 antioxidants present in it. These antioxidants are essential for controlling the damaging effects of free radicals.

Key Benefits of Black Cherry Juice

High levels of uric acid in the blood causes gout that gives intense pain in the big toe and other body joints because of urate build up in these areas. Black cherry juice contains a pigment component named anthocyanins which can lower the uric acid level in the blood. Thus it plays a significant role in controlling the painful symptoms of gout.
In case the pain is unbearable, two tablespoons of concentrated form of This juice should be taken daily 3 times in a day. As the pain subsides, its dosage should be just two tablespoons a day. Regular consumption can prevent another gout attack in future.
There are a number of other beneficial effects of anthocyanins when it combines with other antioxidants present in black cherry juice. It is useful for the treatment of vascular headaches that tend to recur again and again.
It can lower hypertension and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. As it eliminates unwanted free radicals from the body, it can prevent various forms of cancer particularly colon cancer.
Black cherry juice brings down inflammation in the body. Any injured part of the body tends to get inflamed which is actually triggered by the action of free radicals. The phytonutrients present in black cherry juice neutralize these free radicals and provide relief from inflammation as well as the accompanying pain and tenderness.
Research studies have found that the pain relieving effects of this juice are as good as any anti-inflammatory medicines prescribed for the same purpose but without any adverse side effects.
Anti-inflammatory properties of black cherry juice are not just effective for strains, sprains and arthritic pain but can also be used on inflammation caused by serious ailments such as heart disease, cancer, gastrointestinal problems, etc.
Black cherry juice contains a high amount of melatonin, an antioxidant. Basically, it is a hormone which is produced in the human body by pineal gland and enables the body to fall asleep.
Therefore, people with sleep disorders should consume this juice in order to sleep comfortably at night. High level of melatonin in the body is good for improving the learning ability. It also boosts up memory in elderly people.
Black cherry juice can be used topically for acne treatment. It reduces skin inflammation, cleanses up skin pores and ensures faster healing up of the acne. Another external use is for relieving the pain caused by ingrown nails of hands and feet.
You can purchase the juice from local health food stores where it is available as concentrate. While purchasing, just take care that you select reliable brands. Do not try to prepare the juice at home as it may not have the desired quality.
We have already mentioned about the dosage of black cherry juice for gout. Others can take 2 tablespoons of this concentrate once daily. Or, you can follow the recommendations provided by the makers on the label of the bottle. If you find that the juice concentrate is too sweet, you can dilute it in a cup of water.