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Healing Properties of Amethyst

Renuka Savant
The amethyst has been used in various ways throughout the ages, be it in the form of adornments or even for healing. Read ahead to know about the healing properties of this beautiful quartz.

Did You Know?

The luminous appearance of the amethyst combined with its protective properties are the primary reasons why it is worn by Catholic Bishops.
Stunningly gorgeous, the deep purple hue is what makes the amethyst so popular and coveted as well. The fact that it is classified as a semi-precious stone does not, in any manner, make an impact on its phenomenal popularity.
Ancient lore tells us how the amethyst was as desired and revered as the diamond. The Romans associated this stone with Neptune, the Water God, and believed it to be the birthstone of those born in the February.
The amethyst remains among the most popular crystals even today, owing to its reputed prowess as a healing stone.

Uses of Amethyst in Healing

◈ The amethyst is a very effective healing crystal. When used in its unpolished state, it can be placed next to your houseplants to facilitate their growth.
◈ Healers believe that the amethyst is quite handy when it comes to getting rid of negative energies. Those experiencing bad or hostile vibes in a property are advised to place the stone in the premises to counter the effect.
◈ It is highly regarded for its tranquilizing properties. It has been used in traditional healing methods to calm children and even pets who are hyperactive. Many say that the stone brings about a deep sense of calm and serenity to those suffering from stress and tensions. Place it under the pillow before going to bed each night to reap this benefit.
◈ Using the amethyst is also believed to boost the immune system, and help restore the balance of the respiratory tract and skin.
◈ The stone's name is derived from Greek, and is understood to be a stone that protects the wearer against intoxication. In the ancient times, the noble class used to consume wines in glasses studded with amethysts as a protective measure against drunkenness.
◈ Amethyst has also been used to relax the mind in an effort to combat insomnia. Furthermore, it is known to bring about a calm night's sleep, thus, helping people or children suffering from nightmares. Rub it on the center of the forehead in a counterclockwise motion to experience the benefits.
◈ The amethyst is known to aid in getting rid of addictions, helping people to reduce smoking, alcohol and drug use. When used in conjunction with counseling and other treatments, it is known to be quite useful.
◈ It supports oxygenation in the blood, and is conducive in treatments of the digestive tract, heart, stomach, and skin. Amethyst also strengthens the immune system and has been found to reduce bruising and swellings.
◈ It is often used during meditation to induce a sense of calmness and serenity, and to attain higher levels of spiritual awareness.
The most powerful amethyst is the one that has a deep and rich purple hue. Needless to mention that these are the kind that can be quite expensive. Having said that, you can always find a piece that fits in your budget, and use it to your advantage.