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Guggul - Herbs from the Land of India

Nilesh Parekh
Guggul is a herb which is used in natural cleansing. It helps in treating the various skin-related diseases and is effective in many more conditions. Read on to know about this Indian herb.
Indian Bdellium, known as Guggul in India (also known as Commiphora wightii), is one of the most trusted herbs used as a purifying agent and a tonic to rejuvenate cells or tissues. It helps in balancing the nervous system and aids in reproductive system and menstrual cycle problems.
This herb, as described earlier, possesses purifying qualities, which helps in purifying blood by removing toxins and other impurities from blood. As it cleanses blood and removes impurities, it also helps the cells to rejuvenate, and become fresh and active.
Its cleansing qualities are very effective in the treatment of various skin disorders. For those who are affected by skin-related problems and various infections, this herb provides some relief as it helps in the stimulation of phagocytosis by increasing the level of leukocytes in the blood. This helps to keep the body safe from getting infected.
It is considered to be one of the most effective disinfectants that helps the body in getting rid of the unwanted elements or substances naturally. It also helps in reducing some types of unwanted tumors from the body (that are caused by infection).
Along with cleansing the body, it also helps in reducing the level of cholesterol from the blood. It is used in the weight control supplements as it helps in burning the unwanted extra fat from the body in the most natural way.
Further, it is very helpful in conditions such as arthritis in which the affected person experiences pain (vata dosha) in the joints. In the case of this condition, ama toxin results due to improper digestion. Further, the worsened vata combines with this toxin and gets deposited in the joints and induces pain.
However, this herb is very helpful in improving the digestive health and it helps in removing the toxins from the body. Thus, it can be used effectively in treatment of arthritis.
Normally, it is used in combination with other herbs to help in the treatment of several problems. The various types of combinations that are also available are Yograj, Kaishore (helps in burning extra fat from body), Triphala, and Purified Guggul.
People who are affected by laryngitis (a kind of viral infection of throat which is characterized by cough, sore throat, and fever etc.), and those who are affected by bronchitis, cystitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, etc., can benefit from Guggul and its combination with other herbs. It is also used to treat the people affected by certain nervous conditions.
Before trying any medicine or herb, one should consult the physician. This is because, even when herbs do not cause side effects, it is very much important to know how one's body would respond to the same.