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Goldenseal Root

Bhakti Satalkar
The list of endangered plant species in the world makes mention of goldenseal root. These roots are used for various purposes. In this write-up, we will read about the benefits and side effects of this endangered root.
Goldenseal has a long tradition of medicinal uses. The other names of this root are yellow root, jaundice root, and eye root. It belongs to the buttercup family and is native to southeastern Canada and northeastern America. Recognizing the goldenseal root is not difficult due to its distinguishing looks.
The rootstock is thick, yellow in color, and is knotted, while the stem is purple in color. The stem is hairy above the ground and yellow below the ground. The name of the root comes from the color of the root, which is golden.


It has been used by native Americans to treat a number of ailments like, skin problems and wounds. Consuming the root extract helps in lymph circulation, which, in turn, promotes healing process. Eye infections and inflammations can also be treated using goldenseal.
Echinacea and goldenseal are combined for treating cold and flu. This combination is also useful for treating viral infections. It is also used to soothe inflamed mucous membranes.
In ancient times, goldenseal was used to treat indigestion. Practitioners of alternative medicine made use of this root to treat a number of stomach ailments.
People who suffered from heartburn, benefited a lot from the use of goldenseal root, as it helped in soothing the digestive system and stomach acids were kept at their minimum. The root can be consumed after one starts feeling heartburn, as it brings relief nevertheless.
The immune system benefits a great deal from the use of this herbal medicine. The body is able to defend itself against invaders like bacteria, viruses, etc. and prevent them from attacking several organs.
The root can be used to get rid of toxins from the body, by increasing elimination of fluids. Therefore, goldenseal root detox has become very popular. Ear infections can also be treated using this herbal remedy.
It has a calming effect on the central nervous system. This herbal remedy is said to have sedating and relaxing effect, due to which a person falls asleep faster and has a peaceful night's sleep. It also lowers blood pressure.
It can also be used for treating menstrual bleeding problem. Some women claim that it is effective for postpartum bleeding as well. Goldenseal root has astringent properties that help in dilating surface blood vessels and in turn reduce bleeding.

Side Effects

Although there are many benefits of goldenseal, there are some side effects as well. Pregnant women should stay away from this root. It can also lead to increase in hematoidin. Although it is known to lower blood pressure, it should not be taken without professional supervision.
Some people may suffer from irritation in the mouth and throat and even feel nauseated. Some of them may be allergic to the root, which can give rise to digestive problems. People, who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders, should stay away from the root, as it can irritate the structures of the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, it may give rise to emotional changes.
Goldenseal root drug tests started to be used, when people started consuming goldenseal to pass different drug tests. Numerous goldenseal drug tests are being carried out to ascertain whether it helps in detoxifying the body of the different drugs used.
Goldenseal root is available in different forms, like powder, tablets, and capsules. You may also come across liquid extracts of the root. Before you start taking this root, it is necessary to talk to your health care professional about the same. At the same time, ensure that an allergy test is carried out, to rule out being allergic to the root.