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Ginseng Tea Benefits

Ankana Dey Choudhury
Learn all about the health benefits of ginseng tea known to mankind for over 7,000 years. A successful physical and mental stress reliever, find out what else to expect from this potent herbal infusion.
"Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage." - Kakuzo Okakura, "Book of Tea".
So true is this statement when it comes to the brewage of the potent ginseng. Known for its acuate coppery taste, this beverage, derived from the plump roots of the perennial ginseng plant which is known to live for as long as a hundred years, is actually known to leave the mouth with a powerful aftertaste.
The literal interpretation of the word 'ginseng' is 'man root' and there are more reasons as why this herb was christened so, other than the fact that it closely resembles the human silhouette.
Our ancestors had tapped the variant ginseng benefits long back and so was such a name devised. This golden yellow herbal tea is known for its myriad health benefits. Find out all about the variant ginseng tea benefits and how to brew it for optimal benefit derivation from the following paragraphs.
Ginseng does come in a lot of varieties, such as Brazilian ginseng, Japanese ginseng, Siberian Ginseng, maca or Peruvian Ginseng, Jiaogulan, Korean ginseng, and of course the famous Chinese and North American ginseng.
While most of them have some unique attribute of their own, like the benefits of ginseng coming from China is popularly known to include perking up and refreshing qualities, the ginseng tea is manufactured from the American kind of this herb.
For those who wish to consume this brewage, ginseng tea is not only available in the powdered form but also as teabags and in the liquid ginseng extract form. However, the root can be directly brewed, either in its entirety or cubed to make some strong ginseng tea.

Benefits of Ginseng Tea

To begin with, ginseng tea really does what even a normal cup of tea is believed to do. It stimulates and refreshes an individual both at the physical as well as mental levels. Gulping down some ginseng tea with a dash of honey does wonders when it comes to recharging those energy levels. But the health benefits of ginseng tea are more than that.
As it is a stimulant, ginseng tea is known to deepen concentration, sharpen brain cells and boost the brain to think sans complications.

As mentioned earlier, the American ginseng from which comes the tea, is known for its tranquilizing properties. So, ginseng tea is more than just a stress buster.
Being a natural adaptogen, it actually keeps emotional and physical stress at bay and increases the body's capacity to cope with tense situations. It, therefore, soothes people displaying obsessive compulsive behavioral patterns and hypertension patients.
Ginseng tea not only boosts digestion and enhances a healthy appetite, but it also helps cure conditions such as diarrhea and coelic ulcers. It is known to suppress sweet tooth tantrums among sweets lovers. So, it is good for people fighting obesity as it also is known to check the hunger pangs and harness tongue demands for food in already fat people.
Ginseng also aids weight loss in another very healthy way. It harnesses blood sugar levels first. This naturally leads to lowering of carbohydrates which are primarily retained by the body in the form of fats!
Since it also boosts the stamina and energy levels of an individual, one is automatically encouraged to increase bodily activity in order to channelize the energies. Result? A reduced waistline all the way! Besides, lowering of blood sugar levels proves to be specially helpful for type II diabetes patients.
While ginseng is a much applauded aphrodisiac, due to the presence of active compounds called 'ginsenosides', it is the elixir for rejuvenating the sex life of those men who are affected by a problem of either untimely ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. It is also said to help a person emerge from state of impotency.
Ginseng tea aids a person's efforts to oppose bouts of asthmatic attacks by working in favor of the respiratory system. It is a known bronchodilator, which in a layman's terms would mean that it dilates constringed lung air ducts. Besides this, it also treats a raw throat and soothes temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome.
Ginseng tea helps fight against diseases like diabetes, arthritis, as well as cancer to keep them at bay and aids the treatment of Crohn's disease. Regular ginseng tea drinkers have about 70% less chances of deriving cancer. It works for the betterment of a sound blood circulation and lowers bad cholesterol levels. It even boosts cell activity in anemics.
Being anti-inflammatory in nature, ginseng tea also works towards the healing of certain allergies. Being a natural coolant, it comforts menstrual pain, resembling fennel tea benefits, and alleviates fever.
In the ground form, it influences the estrogen levels in women to shoot up in order for them to tackle menopause syndromes better. It is known to strengthen the immune system, due to the presence of vitamin A, B6 and the mineral zinc in it, and thus is pretty potent when it comes to protecting the body from viral contagions.
People suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia can drink ginseng tea to see results in a matter of days. It harnesses the problems of chronic hair loss and helps individuals who are given to suffer from bouts of headache.
By now, surely you are mesmerized by the myriad ginseng tea health benefits. All these properties of ginseng tea actually culminates into making it an anti-aging potion that keeps wrinkles at bay. What with all the vitality and enthusiasm you shall have to live an active and healthy life?! So, let's see how you can brew some for yourself, without much ado.

Ginseng Tea Recipes

Ginseng Tea

Simply splinter 1 tbsp. worth of ginseng root, which would be about 8 - 12 splinters or take a teabag. You can also use powder in which case you'll need about 2 - 3 grams of it. Just secure the pieces in a muslin pouch and place it in a cup. Pour piping hot water into the cup. Allow the liquid to sit for say 5 - 7 minutes to extract the flavor optimally.

Korean Ginseng Tea

If you are using the Korean ginseng for tea, sliver the root and add 3 tablespoons of honey to it. Use only a very small amount of about a few droplets if you are using the liquid extract. Stir to mix and then allow it to stand for not less than half an hour. Pour boiling hot water to this mixture and then cool and gorge. A healthy and easy sweet tea recipe.
So, evidently ginseng tea benefits are many, but you have to understand that drinking too much of it continually can lead to cardiovascular issues and induce insomnia or bouts of giddiness, anxiousness, mood swings and appetite upheavals. So, do not meddle with the doses or overdrink it.
Pregnant and lactating ladies are to keep away from this potent infusion and even under normal conditions, see a doctor to get the dosage stipulated. Also, American ginseng and caffeine are not the best of friends, so keep from mingling them if you wish to give irritability a miss.
All in all, understand that ginseng tea should be drunk for short durations with necessary breaks in between. Also do not completely depend on it to treat physical ailments all by itself as it can act as first a protector from ailments and then only a facilitator and supporting crutch for primal medical treatments.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.