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Gemini Birthstone Crystals, Lucky Gems and Talismans

Emil Sipos
Geminis are known for their easy-going nature, being passionate, having amazing communication skills and high energy. On a negative side, they can change their mind very often, being noisy, double-faced and having problems when making decisions. They should wear their birthstones or lucky talismans to help them cope with negative traits.

Persons Born in the First Week of the Gemini Zodiac Sign

For persons that are born as Geminis between May 21st and May 31st correspond with Jupiter.

Jupiter is their protector that helps them develop intuitive and logical thinking. Best birthstone for them is Malachite.

Geminis Born in the Second Decanate

If you are one of those Geminis born in the period between June 1st and June 10th then Mars is your protector.

As expected, those Geminis tend to be egoistic, aggressive, assertive so in order to cope with their negative traits, they should wear jewelry made from Onyx, Opal, Pearls, Amber and Citrine. Spend a minute and learn more about those gems!

Geminis Born in the Third Decanate

The main protector of Geminis born from June 11th to June 21st is the Sun. Those Geminis tend to be very warm to other people but they also have problems handling anger.

Best gemstones that they can wear as jewelry are sapphire, tourmaline, topaz, and alexandrite.

Lucky Gemstones for Gemini

There are many interesting gems that Gemini persons can wear but best crystal for bringing luck to them is emerald.

This crystal will help them cleanse all bad energy, help them cope with emotional stress and help them feel better. Pearls are also an amazing stone for Geminis that will protect them from envy and ill will.

Bad Crystals for Geminis

Geminis should stay away from very heavy and expensive gemstones. Do your best to avoid gems like rubies and diamonds. Also, try not to wear red coral gem.