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Gastritis Cure

Bidisha Mukherjee
This story provides some information about gastritis, its causes and symptoms, and the medicinal treatment, as well as the natural remedies that might prove beneficial to treat the same.
Gastritis is a condition wherein an inflammation occurs on the mucous membrane that is present on the stomach lining. It has a major role in the digestion process. As a result, the digestion process is badly affected due to this condition. Gastritis is broadly categorized into two different types: acute and chronic.
The symptoms are almost the same. The only difference is that the onset of the symptoms in acute cases are sudden but the symptoms develop slowly in chronic gastritis. Cure is possible with the help of proper treatment.

Causes and Symptoms

There are several causes of gastritis. It can be triggered by some bacterial infection or some severe injury like burns. Some underlying health problems like autoimmune diseases, Crohn's disease, or kidney failure can be responsible for this.
Excessive consumption of alcohol or use of pain killers for a prolonged period of time can cause degeneration of stomach lining. Elderly people get this problem as the stomach wall tends to become thin with aging.
The symptoms of acute gastritis are much easily observed as compared to chronic gastritis. In fact, initially, there may not be any symptoms at all in some chronic cases. The common symptom that are found in both forms is upper abdominal pain.
Excessive production of acid in the stomach may lead to a burning sensation in the stomach and chest. Excessive belching, sour taste in mouth, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and loss of appetite are the other noticeable symptoms.
In case internal bleeding occurs in the stomach, then it is indicated by vomiting of blood and black stools. This is a serious health condition and requires immediate medical intervention.


Mild gastritis are often treated with the help of antacid. It has a neutralizing effect on the stomach acid which in turn brings relief to the abdominal pain. If it does not make much difference in the condition, then H2 blocker medicines like cimetidine and ranitidine are prescribed that helps to bring down the acid production inside the stomach.
If it is caused by bacterial infection, then different types of antibiotics are prescribed. They are often accompanied by proton pump inhibitors that restrict the activities of the bacteria and reduce acid production of stomach. Other medicines are also given to provide protection to the lining tissues.

Natural Cures

When the medical treatment for gastritis is accompanied by natural remedies, then it ensures faster relief from the symptoms.

Change in Food Habit

If one is looking for atrophic and antral gastritis cures, then one should be aware that these problems cannot be cured completely. The symptoms can only be kept in check with medicines and dietary restrictions.
All those foods that causes stomach irritation should be strictly avoided by the affected people. It includes spicy and fatty foods, chocolate, and tomato-based products. The diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables as they supply us with dietary fibers that reduces inflammation of the stomach lining to an extent.

Change in Lifestyle

Both alcohol and tobacco act as irritants for the stomach. Therefore, those who are into smoking or alcohol consumption must quit these habits in order to provide protection to the stomach. Carbonated beverages, tea, and coffee should also be avoided.
The affected people who got this problem due to prolonged use of non-steroidal inflammatory drugs should change their medicines after consulting with their doctor. It is also very important to keep the mind of stress as this condition is found to get worsened when one is under a lot of mental stress.

Coconut Water

Coconut water has a soothing effect on the burning sensation of the stomach caused due to this condition. For better results, try to have the water of a tender coconut. Take one glass of coconut water three to four times everyday to treat it naturally.

Herbal Remedy

Licorice is believed to be one of the best herbs that can treat this condition really well. To prepare the licorice root tea, heat one cup of water and add half a teaspoonful of licorice root into it. Continue to boil the tea for nearly 10 minutes. Finally, strain the tea and have it when it is still warm. This should be taken three times in a day for best results.
Simple changes in diet and lifestyle are enough for erosive gastritis cure. When one experience this condition, he/she must avoid heavy meals as they aggravate the symptoms. Instead take small meals after a gap of small intervals and thus prevent discomfort.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.