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Flower Essence Therapy

Pragya T
Flower essence therapy is a type of alternative medicine, which works on vibrational healing. This therapy is used on animals and humans both to restore emotional and physical health.
There are many therapies which promote a sense of emotional and physical well-being. There are massage therapies, aromatherapy, meditation techniques, yoga, etc. which help to establish a sense of total well-being. Flower essence therapy is a similar type of approach. However, this therapy is unique as it involves the use of vibrational healing, which is one of its own kind. It is based on the understanding of quantum physics and energies of flowers.

Therapy Using Flower Essence

Dr. Edward Bach thought that the dew which gets collected from flowers or plants retains some properties of the flowers or plant. These properties seem to be more potent on flowers which were grown under sun. As it was not possible to go on collecting dew, he decided to take flowers (which were exposed to sunlight) and let them steep in a bowl of water.
Dr. Edward Bach is a pioneer in development of this alternative medicine branch. Flower essence therapy basically uses this water and not the flowers itself. The concept behind flower therapy is that all the living beings in this world have a tendency to naturally be in a harmonic and balanced state. Each matter vibrates at a certain frequency. When animals or humans are disturbed in any way this frequency changes in them and makes them imbalanced.
Plants and flowers have a certain frequency which is harmonic and balanced. When the flowers are let to be in a bowl containing water, this energy steeps in the water. Sun exposure tends to help sink this energy better into the water. Water is a universal solvent.
Hence, water is used as a medium. This water after a certain period of time is said to contain the essence of the flower. The essence of the flower is the vibrational pattern which has been absorbed by the water.
This water is then used on patients which can be animals or humans. Patients who have emotional or physical problems are given therapy with their normal treatment. Patients suffering from these problems become closed up and chaotic. The therapy helps to produce a sense of physical and emotional well-being in the patients.
Patients tend to have an imbalanced vibrational pattern. The flower essences helps to change the vibrational pattern of the patient. This helps to harmonize the patient and produces the sense of overall well-being.
This therapy is administered topically or given orally to the patient. The standard dose is four to ten drops which is generally given to the patient under the tongue. The dose is given around four times in a day. The potency is usually increased by giving more frequent doses of the essence.
The essence which is produced by letting the flower energies steep in the water is collected and concentrated. It is stored for future use and the concentrated solution is diluted and then administered to the patient.
However, it is very important to buy the best quality of essence for therapy for the best results. Because, if pure essence is not used then the chances of healing are low. The best way is to go to a practitioner or a qualified naturopath who will be able to produce fresh and potent flower essence for you. There are also many commercially made essence available. These you can find at a health care store or online. But, make sure you are buying essence which are real and can help to heal.