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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Rimlee Bhuyan
You must be aware of extra virgin olive oil and must have used it in salad dressings. But do you know about extra virgin coconut oil uses? Tap through to know about the benefits and properties of this wonder oil.
Extra virgin coconut oil is produced by extracting oil from fresh coconut, without the use of chemicals and high heat. As pure coconut oil is very stable, it can be stored for a long time. Its essential properties are retained since it does not undergo chemical refining or bleaching while it is being manufactured.
There are two chief ways of manufacturing coconut oil - wet milling and quick drying. In the wet milling process, coconut milk is first extracted from fresh coconuts by cold pressing them. Oil is then separated from coconut milk by fermentation or centrifugal churning.
In the quick drying process, oil is pressed out of the coconut meat by first drying it out. Coconut oil is composed of saturated, mono-unsaturated and poly-unsaturated fats. It contains lauric acid which has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

For Hair

Coconut oil is one of the best natural conditioners for hair and it has been used since ancient times to get long lustrous hair. It promotes hair growth and makes them shiny and soft. Regular massage of coconut oil provides nourishment to the hair roots and makes the hair strong, besides removing dandruff and acne on the scalp.
If you have damaged your hair with excessive use of hair straighteners and curling iron then your hair may be dry and brittle. Application of coconut oil is effective for repairing hair that has been damaged by the use of excessive chemicals. To get its maximum benefits, heat the oil before applying it on your scalp.
This would increase blood circulation in your head and it also reduces stress and headaches. To promote hair growth, mix extra virgin coconut oil with hibiscus flower extract and gently massage this on your scalp.

For Skin

Our skin is made up of two layers, the inner layer called the dermis and the outer layer called the epidermis. Due to aging, pollution and harsh weather conditions the epidermis loses its elasticity and becomes dry and wrinkled. Applying conventional moisturizers is one way of preventing the epidermis from losing its elasticity.
However, extra virgin coconut oil for skin, is an excellent option as it acts as a natural moisturizer, which makes the skin soft and supple. It protects the skin from harmful free radicals as it is high in antioxidants.
It is also helpful in reducing tan and preventing the appearance of liver spots, age spots and freckles on the skin. You can also apply coconut oil to combat chronic dryness.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits of extra virgin coconut oil. It helps in the prevention of premature aging because of its anti-aging properties. It prevents various cardiovascular diseases and reduces high blood pressure. Because of its antibacterial properties, coconut oil is very useful in healing wounds, minor cuts and bruises.
It accelerates the healing process of the tissues. It is also an effective treatment for infections that are caused due to fungi and bacteria. It aids in controlling blood sugar levels, thereby preventing the onset of diabetes.
You can also use this oil for weight loss. It consists of medium chain fatty acids which are easily broken down, and aid in speeding up the metabolism of the body.
The benefits of extra virgin coconut oil are many. It is very easily absorbed by the skin and it does not leave the skin oily. It is also very effective for removing make up as it is gentle and mild.