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Recipes of Essential Oil

Loveleena Rajeev
Essential oils have been in use since ancient times, and have an amazing power to relax the mind, body, and soul.
An essential oil is basically a liquid that has been extracted from different parts of the plant, like the flowers, leaves, stems, bark, and roots. It is unlike regular oil, as it is not sticky and heavy, but is rather clear, except for orange or lemongrass oils.
Pure essential oils are made from the true essence of the plant it was derived from. As it is highly concentrated, it is used drop-by-drop, and never poured.
Before making these oils, it is imperative to understand their profile, which includes the botanical name and family, the perfumery properties, and the origin of the derivative plant.
Some perfumers believe that each aroma has its own personality, which needs to studied well to blend the right perfume recipes. Although all these oils cannot be made at home, the following recipes will get you through the easy ones.


▪ Almond or extra virgin olive oil, 4 parts
▪ Dried calendula petals, 1 part (Sourced from organically-grown calendula)
▪ In a clean glass or crystal jar, pour almond or olive oil over the petals to completely cover them.
▪ Place the jar in a roaster, set at temperature between 110º F and 120º F, and leave it undisturbed for 12 days. Stir it everyday.
▪ The warm temperature will infuse the oil with the aroma and color of the calendula herb.
▪ Strain it through a muslin cloth into a clean jar, by pressing on the herb to extract the essence.
▪ Ensure no extra particulate passes through the muslin cloth into the jar.

Bathing with Essential Oils

▪ Jojoba or olive oil, 2 ounces
▪ Orange essential oil, 5 drops
▪ Ylang Ylang essential oil, 5 drops
▪ Cedarwood essential oil, 5 drops
▪ Blend all the ingredients together, and store in a clear glass bottle or jar.
▪ Add just about ¼ ounce of the prepared mixture to your warm bath water, and stir to blend it in.

Peppy Peppermint Spray

▪ Peppermint essential oils, 3 drops
▪ Lemon juice, 2 tbsp
▪ Mineral water, 2 cups
▪ Blend all ingredients in a bowl, and pour it in a spray bottle.
▪ Use the spray directly, or blend it in the bath water for some quick invigorated and energized feeling.

Comfrey (for Wrinkles)

▪ Comfrey infusion, ¼ cup
▪ Patchouli essential oil, 10 drops
▪ Witch hazel, ¼ cup
▪ Gently crush one eighth cup fresh comfrey leaves, and place in a small bowl.
▪ Pour ½ cup boiling water over it, and cover the bowl.
▪ Let it sit undisturbed for about 10 minutes, strain and cool before using.
▪ Combine the infusion with patchouli and witch hazel. Pour it in a clean glass jar, and apply with a clean cotton ball twice daily.

Exotic Burner

▪ Black pepper, 1 drop
▪ Jasmine, 1 drop
▪ Bergamot, 4 drops
▪ Blend all together, and use them in the diffuser.
Using essential oils will help one relax, and for some it stirs the soul. Use these recipes in your bath, lotions, cream, or as room fresheners, and even diffusers, and be lost in its tantalizing aroma!