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Energy Bracelets - Do They Work?

Medha Godbole
Energy bracelets are apparently known to have certain healing powers. These bracelets, made of surgical grade silicone, have known to be helpful especially for athletes. One needs to investigate their healing powers before using them.
Desperate and difficult times lead you to resort to measures which you might have possibly found ridiculous at some other point in life. We are ready to do anything in such a situation from wearing rings to wearing stones and the like.
Power bracelets are a recent thing which has come up along with wearing stones and the like. The aspect of resorting to any measures notwithstanding, these are apparently useful. Seemingly, research has been done on them and these are being used as an alternative therapy. What is this deal about these bracelets? Let's have a look.

Working of Energy and Power Balance Bracelets

Energy bracelets are said to use holograms having embedded frequencies that have a positive reaction with the natural energy field of the body.
Once the hologram comes in contact with the energy field of the body, it lets the body to mix with the natural and useful frequency in the hologram. The end result is improved energy flow within the body. These bracelets are made of 100% surgical grade silicone. These are comfortable and quite stylish, so they would not seem to be 'off' your attire.

Do Energy Bracelets Work?

There are claims that athletes wear this for keeping up positive energy levels and enhancing their performance.
While those who swear by them are completely floored by it, those who are not in favor, have a different opinion all together. Those who do not have any doubt opine that simple 'before and after test' will be a proof enough that they positively affect the balance, strength, and flexibility of athletes.
Quite a few have issues to counter the argument that energy bracelets really work. According to various reports and articles, the most significant argument is that there is hardly any scientific evidence whatsoever, for backing the claim that these work.
Further, the critics of this bracelet are skeptical about the tests conducted. Their opinion gets an affirmative answer through tests, because in the tests, the participants know what is coming.
A similar kind of dilemma as that of energy bracelets (regarding proven efficiency), has been engulfing magnetic bracelets. There is a theory that the electromagnetic therapy is useful in treating ailments in different parts of the body as well as reducing pain. The reason being that some tissues and cells in our body emit electromagnetic impulses.
At the end of the day, it depends on the people using these bracelets. For some, if an inexpensive item helps them to be positive and energetic, even though it might not be really working, it is worth it!