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Emerald Birthstone Meaning

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Born in May? Well, then emerald is the gem for you! Read ahead all about the meaning and significance of emerald birthstone.
Who first beholds the light of day In Spring's sweet flowery month of May And wears an Emerald all her life, Shall be a loved and happy wife.
~ Unattributed Author
Well, that looks pretty promising, especially for all you May born eligible bachelorettes out there, hoping to find true love this year! If you have awaited long enough for Fate to make you run into your perfect soulmate, perhaps it's time you lent Fate a helping hand and the answer might just lie in wearing emerald birthstone jewelry!
By now you must have guessed that emerald is the birthstone for May and must be itching to find out more about the meaning of emerald as a birthstone. Well, in that case, you've come looking to the right place, my friend! Let's find out all about the facts, significance and legends surrounding this lump of green fire.

Emerald Birthstone - Meaning and Facts

Before we proceed towards the facts, let's understand how a birthstone is determined for an individual. There are several bases of determining a specific birthstone for an individual but the most common criteria remain the date or month of birth and the zodiac sign, the sun sign mostly, under which the individual is born.
Based on these, we have birthstones by month, traditional birthstones, modern birthstones, mystical, ayurvedic birthstones. Although the native birthstones may differ with each criterion, the colors and meanings of these birthstones remain the same. Let's embark upon knowing the metaphysical implications of emerald, the May birthstone, a little intimately.
✦ Also considered the color of envy, green is also associated with wealth, healing and detoxification. As such, emerald is believed to have spiritual healing and emotional detoxification effects and is supposed to strike a balance among physical, emotional and spiritual vibrations.
✦ Emerald rules the fourth or the heart chakra and as such is good for the physical as well as metaphysical health of this organ. Its ability to balance physical, emotional and spiritual vibrations help in maintaining harmony in the affairs of the heart by strengthening romantic bonds and focusing one's passions towards attaining one's heart's desire.
✦ It vibrates favorably to number 2 and number 4.
✦ The color green is the color of wealth and prosperity and emerald is believed to make the wearer lucky in matters of money, property and material aspects of life.
✦ Emerald is also regarded by many spiritual healers to stimulate the intuitive faculties of the subconscious mind. This makes the wearer take accurate decisions and sharpens the judging faculties.
✦ Being symbolic of healing, it is an ideal gemstone to be worn by people in the medical and healing professions. As such, doctors, nurses, paramedics, psychiatrists, etc., would benefit from wearing emerald rings or pendants.
✦ Emerald is the modern and traditional birthstone for May while it is the mystical birthstone for January.
✦ Going by zodiac or sun signs (as per the conventional 12-sign system and not the current 13-sign frenzy), emerald rules the natives born under the sign of Cancer.
✦ After pure white diamonds, emeralds are the most expensive among all gemstones. In fact, an emerald of the perfect color can, at times, cost more than a flawless diamond!
✦ This fact and its metaphysical properties of strengthening romantic bonds and imparting friendship and loyalty had made emerald the primary wedding and engagement jewelry choice for women in the early and middle ages. Most women, during those times, preferred an emerald ring over a diamond.
✦ In ancient times, emeralds were believed to have the power of restraining sensual passions and were believed to help the wearer keep his/her virginity intact.
That was all about the emerald birthstone meaning and its supposed healing powers and corrective influences. Even if you do not believe in all this gemstone healing fare, you would do well to flaunt this alluringly beautiful rock on your fingers.
After all, green is the color of envy and although emerald doesn't stand for this particular sentiment, what person doesn't like the notion of possessing something which turns to be the neighbor's envy but owner's pride? A few jealous glances, a couple of inaudible sighs and you would be basking in the warmth of a well stroked ego!