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Dry Throat Remedy

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
A temporary dry throat condition occurs frequently and can be combated with effective home remedies,that include using a room humidifier, keeping body hydrated, gargling with saltwater, and practicing proper breathing techniques.
A dry throat is usually manifested as symptom, rather than a disease by itself. Very often, it is synonymously used with itchy and sore throat. Most cases of temporary dry throat are mild and do not require medical intervention.
Nevertheless, a long-term or chronic, dry scratchy throat can be an indication of a serious disease. So, it should be diagnosed and treated at the earliest possible date. Effectual dry throat remedy options have shown positive responses in patients, who are experiencing a mild dry throat condition.

What Causes Dry Throat?

Many times, a dry throat is triggered by low humidity, dry air and weather, which are prevalent during winter months. In winter, room heating systems also remove moisture from air, thus causing dryness of the eyes, throat, and mouth.
Hence, it is quite normal to experience dry and itchy throat in cold climatic conditions. Factors that may worsen throat dryness are persistent coughing, improper breathing, dehydration, sinusitis, and tonsil problems.
Other causes include pollution, allergies, botulism food poisoning, snakebite, and salivary gland tumor. To be precise, the causal reasons for excess dryness of the throat area may be mild to severe. So, it is better to address the problem as early as possible.

Remedies for a Dry Throat

Even though a dry throat is not a very serious health condition, it results in various discomfort symptoms. An untreated condition may progress to sore throat. Based on the underlying cause, an itchy throat condition may be associated with cough, nasal drainage, fever, body pain, and vomiting.
Throat dryness accompanied with cough may disturb normal sleep, thereby causing weakness and alike symptoms. Likewise, a painful condition causes difficulty in swallowing food. Following is a list of effective remedies for a dry throat, which will relieve the discomfort symptoms.

Use a Room Humidifier

The best solution to treat a dry throat symptoms is using a room humidifier, whenever the humidity level falls below the recommended level. Many people prefer keeping a humidifier in the bedroom to prevent a dry throat at night. Doing so will keep the air moist and help in combating throat dryness.

Keep the Body Hydrated

Simply keeping the body hydrated is a good approach to cure a dry throat. The water will give a lubricating effect by moisturizing the dry air passages. Drink adequate amounts of water (at least eight glasses daily) along with healthy fluids. Also, sucking on hard candies and eating Popsicle will help moisten the throat and alleviate the irritation.

Gargle with Saltwater

This remedy has been practiced since a long time. In fact, gargling with lukewarm saltwater is one the best ways to soothe throat dryness and irritation. Another gargling recipe is adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Both these throat gargling recipes will help in killing bacteria that are responsible for throat itching and dryness.

Lemon and Honey Drinks

Another effective home treatment for a dry, itchy throat and cough is drinking lemon and honey drinks prepared with warm water. To try out this, take a glass of warm water and add a spoonful each of lemon juice and honey. Stir well and drink the mixture twice daily to treat itchy dry throat.

Practice Breathing Techniques

Individuals who breathe through their mouth while sleeping are always at a risk of developing a dry throat condition. This is because of the fact that moisture from the respiratory tract is removed at the time of inhalation and exhalation. For them, consulting a sleep expert is a must, so as to seek advice regarding proper ways of breathing and/or breathing techniques.
For a cough associated dry throat, prescription cough drops and syrups can be taken as per the label directions. In case, there are no prompt results even after following these home remedies, it is imperative to get the problem addressed by a qualified physician. After correct diagnosis, the physician may recommend appropriate medication and lifestyle changes for treating a dry throat.