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Meaning of Diamond as a Birthstone

Ishani Chatterjee Shukla
Beautiful yet strong, dazzling without implying trinket value - women and diamonds share a lot in common. Learn some interesting facts about the diamond birthstone.

Diamonds are nothing more than chunks of coal that stuck to their jobs.

~ Malcolm S. Forbes
That's definitely a splendid job! Even the laziest and most unambitious humans would be motivated to stick to their jobs if they were assured such a reward by the end of their tenure! Before deciphering the meaning of diamond birthstones, let's try and infer the philosophical connotations of this carbon allotrope.
It's no secret that women love diamonds... even the ones that say they don't! Indeed, diamonds are Nature's way of telling women how they are meant to be.
The cold fire stands for latent ambitions, the hardness stands for a stoic will and an unshakable determination, the radiant dazzle is symbolic of charisma which is capable of holding the entire universe in stupefied inertia and the lofty price signifies the exalted role of woman in the entire Cosmic plan.
Diamonds remind us that that's the way the Creator meant us to be and that is the way we should strive to be by withstanding all odds. After all, a diamond becomes one only when a chunk of coal is resilient enough to withstand millennia of pressure without giving up!
Diamond is the birthstone for April and all April-borns are believed to benefit significantly on possession of this precious gemstone. Let's find out more about the April birthstone.

Facts About Diamond As a Birthstone

The meaning and significance of diamond may differ under various systems enlisting the characteristics and natives of specific birthstones. For instance, while diamond is the modern and traditional birthstone for those born in April, their mystical birthstone would be opal and their Ayurvedic birthstone will, again, be diamond.
Even among April-borns, if we go by zodiac signs, birthstone for Aries natives (born between 2nd half of March and 1st half of April) is bloodstone and birthstone for Taurus natives (born between 2nd half of April and 1st half of May) is sapphire.
Zodiacally speaking, there are two birthstones for each month, bloodstone and sapphire being the ones for April! Read ahead to know some more interesting facts regarding this priciest of all dazzlers!
  • Ever wondered where the name diamond came from? The Greeks take all credit! Diamond comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning invincible! Relevant indeed!
  • Many legends and ancient beliefs surround the origin of diamonds. While the ancient Hindus believed that diamonds were created from bolts of lightning, the ancient Greeks thought they were the tears of the Gods, stellar splinters or crystallized lightning!
  • Here's the most beautiful and enchanting philosophy on diamonds - the Greeks interpreted the fire of diamond as symbolic of the flame of eternal love! Perhaps, this is where the association of diamonds with love and passion comes from and gifting diamonds to one's beloved and sealing the matrimony with diamond rings must have begun!
  • The Egyptians had romantic beliefs regarding diamonds and how to wear them. Ever thought why engagement or wedding rings are always worn on the third finger (giving it the name ring finger) of the left hand?
Egyptians believed that the love vein vena amoris traveled right from the heart to the tip of this finger. Hence, they believed it was only appropriate that diamonds - symbolic of the flame of eternal love - be worn on the finger that directly connects to the heart and its affairs!
  • The most significant meaning of diamond birthstone for April-borns lies in the belief that diamonds are excellent absorbers and amplifiers of the thoughts of the wearer. They are also believed to be able to absorb and amplify the strengths and weaknesses of other gemstones and wearers thereof.
  • Diamond is believed to be a detoxifier and is regarded as a protection against poison - toxic energies and influences which can be physical, emotional or intellectual.
  • Diamonds stand for clarity, inner strength, determination, abundance, focus, good luck and honesty in interpersonal relationships. You can see these qualities in the natives of the two signs that fall in the month of April - Aries (determination, inner strength, clarity, honesty) and Taurus (determination, inner strength, clarity, focus).
That was all about the meaning and significance of diamond as a birthstone along with the philosophies, legends and beliefs that surround this precious rock. All April-borns are believed to benefit from wearing diamond rings or pendants.
Even if you do not believe in these esoteric philosophies, you cannot deny the mood lifting and feel-good sentiments that rush through your veins whenever you look at a dazzling, beautifully cut diamond - more so if it happens to sit pretty on your finger! It's a different matter for ladies though.
Whether or not April born, you're gonna get a diamond anyway! Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friends must have done so under Divine influence!