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December Birthstone - Turquoise

Komal Bakhru
A stunning and intriguing gem to look at, Turquoise is considered as the birthstone for people born in December. According to the birthstone lore, Turquoise signifies good luck and prosperity, thus, historically it was used as a good luck charm.
Birthstones seem to have a special significance for several people. Ideally, something that signifies the birth month of a person, these gemstones were believed to have certain mystical properties that would act as aids of healing too. The twelve birthstones have a range of different colors, and symbolize a variety of characteristics too.

The Royal December Birthstone : Turquoise

Turquoise Information

The birthstone for the month of December is the ever gorgeous turquoise. Normally found in the colors blue, blue-green and green, the grade of the stone is entirely dependent on its color.
Turquoise is an extremely opaque stone made up with the composition of copper and aluminum. It is said that the word turquoise has been derived from the French word 'turques', because it was first brought to Europe all the way from Turkey.
Unlike diamond whose best quality would be hard to damage, in turquoise, even the best grade is not entirely immune to the occasional damages. The best quality of turquoise is mostly found in Iran It can also be found in Israel, Afghanistan, Brazil, Mexico, China, Australia, United States.
The use of this stone also dates way back into history, when it was largely used as a part of jewelry and other things.

Turquoise Jewelry

Using turquoise in jewelry is probably one of the most common. It has now begun acting as an investment for many people. Also called the sky stone, any accessory can be adorned with turquoise.
Bracelets, pendants, necklaces, watches, even belts if you please, the list is endless. The best part about a stone like this is the fact that even though it looks simple, it has the ability to dress up any outfit and give it a classy look.

Value of Turquoise

The higher the grade of the stone and larger the size, higher is the price. The "blueness" of turquoise is a big contributing factor to the price. It is classified by grades as very high, high, average, and stabilized grade.
The one that ranks well with high quality and rarity is the 'gem grade'. Gem grade is also known to be one of the best and most sought after, for investment purposes.
So this was a brief information about the alluring stone, turquoise. Hope you feel more at ease the next time you decide to purchase it, irrespective of whether it is for the purpose of investment, or that of jewelry.