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Are Copper Bracelets Effective Against Arthritis?

Ujwal Deshmukh
A common health problem in this modern-day world is arthritis. This write-up is an attempt to learn, whether copper bracelets are effective in alleviating arthritis pain or not.
Arthritis is a disease characterized by weakening of bones, thereby leading to pain, swelling, and discomfort in them. Today, advancements in the medical science have made it possible to cure arthritis through a number of ways.
In the recent times, the most popular and influential ways of treating arthritic pain is, the use of copper bracelets. Manufacturers of these bracelets claim that just by wearing the bracelet you can get rid of arthritis pain. Great, right? Well, but is it really possible? If yes, then this would be the easiest remedy for arthritis.
Diplomatically, we cannot refuse this fact completely! Why? Because, the use of copper and copper-rich foods to relieve bone and muscular pain is evident since time immemorial.
This belief and practice was more prevalent in the Greek civilization, which is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. On these lines, copper bracelets were made and then claimed to treat arthritis.

Health Benefits of Copper

Before proceeding to establish the relation between copper bracelets, arthritis, and its cure, let us first take a look at the various health benefits of these bracelets. Copper is one of the most essential minerals required in sufficient amounts in the body.
Adequate quantities of this mineral present in the body, help in stimulating the usage of zinc and iron for proper functioning of the immune system. It also helps in reducing the side effects of toxic minerals in the body. It also helps in preventing premature hair graying.
Another significant benefit of wearing a copper bracelet is maintenance of the cardiovascular health. This, therefore prevents heart disease and various similar disorders.

Do Copper Bracelets Work?

Although, the use of these bracelets for pain alleviation has become quite popular in recent times, the most important and basic question in this regard is that, is there any such study or evidence, that proves the relation between this copper accessory and arthritis cure?
Unfortunately, there is no such substantial document or evidence, which has proved the effectiveness of these bracelets for arthritis. However, this claim is not completely refused either. Believers of this remedial measure and the manufacturers have been claiming their products to be effective in curing arthritis.
Some say that, the electrical charges produced on the surface of the skin from the bracelet run through the acupuncture meridians present in the wrist, while some believe that, copper content of the bracelet is absorbed through sweat, thereby entering the body and relieving the person from pain.
Another important belief in this concern is that of the improved blood circulation, which provides more oxygen to the bones and reduces pain and inflammation. However, there have been very few occasions, wherein, these bracelets were put to test and none of the trials were successful.
It is therefore recommended that copper bracelets should be used only after consulting your doctor. You can also seek guidance from people, who have used it and find out, whether this remedy is really beneficial.
How fortunate we would have been, if all the above beliefs were supported with strong, successful, and reliable experiments? The number of arthritis patients would have decreased considerably, and in the future, probably, there wouldn't have been a single case of arthritis.
However, as of now, we do not have any proof regarding the effectiveness of these bracelets in relieving arthritic pain. Let us hope for some researches and studies in the future.