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How Do Copper Bangles Work?

Azmin Taraporewala
Copper has been used for centuries to derive relief from pain and discomfort in the joints. Copper bangles are known to be very helpful in fighting pains related to arthritis.
Today, the elderly and even the younger generation is seen complaining about joint pain and aches while performing activities; whether it is playing golf or lifting your little one and plonking her over your shoulder.
Mundane activities demand energy and efficiency and one may have to juggle between work, play and family. It is during these hectic times that one may get into the rut and may neglect little troubles that may go on to become ailments that require constant medical aid and attention.
For aches and pains that frequent one often enough, wearing copper bangles can prove beneficial. However, individuals who are not aware about the benefits that metals could provide, may not approve of the concept.

Benefits of Copper Bangles

Copper -- though marginal -- is said to have magnetic properties. Use of pure copper relieves pain due to arthritis, rheumatism, and tendinitis. Copper has healing properties that function in accordance to one's body temperature and the humidity or moisture level of the body. Copper is said to have the property to disintegrate super oxide radicals that causes disturbances in the lubrication property in the joints, which may further cause rheumatoid arthritis and tendinitis.

✔ Stiffness and Pain in Joints

It is when arthritis or rheumatism strikes that the joints become stiff and restrict movement. Copper bracelets are circular in shape and it is due to its circumference that it shares a close contact with the wrists.
These bangles have an innate electric current that reacts with the body's natural currents, thus creating an energy balance in the body. With this property of copper, stiffness of the wrists can be cured.
Stiffness is accompanied by pain, aches and discomfort in osteoarthritis. It is when the pain goes over and above from being just negligible, one may put copper bangles to use. Pain is also caused if you indulge in sports that involve a lot of wrist movement.
However, due to constant exertion of the wrists, pain is bound to occur. Thus, sportsmen are prescribed to wear magnetic copper bracelets to avert the discomfort and pain that crops up every time during or after their practice sessions.

✔ Deficiency of Minerals

Copper is also an essential mineral required by our bodies. When an individual with a deficiency wears a copper bracelet, it reacts with the moisture present in the body and supplements the same into the body.

✔ Versatile Usability

Copper bangles can be worn at all times. You are not required to get rid of the copper bangle when you are cooking or while you have a shower. You may continue using it whenever you feel like. Nevertheless, it would be to your benefit, if you wear it continuously.
Removing it repeatedly may cause the effectiveness of the copper bangle to get hampered. In addition, most of the bangles can be molded. Thus, you may mold the bracelet into an anklet and let copper serve the purpose to relieve ankle troubles, as well.

✔ Skin-friendly

Copper bangles -- when bought to relieve pain due to arthritis and rheumatism -- do not cause any irritation on the skin. They are safe to wear at all times without causing any skin abrasions.

How to Wear Copper Bangles

You may wear copper bangles clubbed with any other jewelry as well. It is not required that you remove the bangle when you have to wear jewelry of another metal.
When you have inconceivable pain in your wrists due to arthritis or rheumatism, you may wear two bracelets. However, one is more than enough to spell relief for the pain.
Remove the bracelet only when you have to clean it or are replacing it with another one. Otherwise, it should be kept intact.
When you wear the bracelet, make sure that you pull only one side of the opening and twist the bracelet off the wrist. If you exert strain on both the openings of the gap, the copper bangle may lose its original circular shape.
When you indulge in any kind of sport or are stressed due a situation at hand, you may notice that the bangle looks worn out as though old, being all the more distinct when it appears discolored.
There is nothing to worry as it is at these times that the moisture content in the body is reacting with the energy of the copper bangles and is, thus absorbing the healing properties of the metal.
Clean the sides of the bracelet that come in direct contact with the skin. You may clean it with a metal cleaner poured in small quantity on a piece of muslin cloth. This regimen will maintain the condition of copper and will also increase its longevity.
With these uses and benefits of copper bangles, one may rest assured about their overall look with the bracelet. These bracelets look smart as a wristband and may also do the trick as an anklet. Given these benefits, I am sure, you may never think twice about purchasing copper bangles for yourself!
Note - For the copper bracelet to be effective, it is recommended that the copper bracelet should not have any coating, especially if you are looking out for an efficacious remedy for rheumatoid arthritis. Copper bracelets -- in order to deliver optimum benefits -- must not be treated with any form of polish or varnish. However, there have been no scientific evidences that defend or refute the above-mentioned plausibility.