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Constipation Remedies for Adults

Rajib Singha
Constipation is a common medical complaint, and most of the time it can be dealt with a few simple self-care measures. This story gives you some remedies to manage constipation in adults.
Needless to explain, constipation is one of the most common stomach disorders which frequently affect adults and kids in a year. It is specifically a gastrointestinal problem, which is characterized by infrequent and strenuous bowel movements and hard stools.
You know that you have constipation if you pass fewer than three stools a week. And also if the feces are hard and dry.
Other symptoms include a feeling of fullness in the rectum, having a strong urge to go to the toilet but having a sense of incomplete evacuation after having a bowel movement. Although, this medical condition may be extremely bothersome, it is, in most cases, a temporary one. Simple changes in lifestyle and diet goes a long way in keeping the digestive system work efficiently and problems such as constipation at bay.

Natural Treatment for Constipation

# The very first method to deal with constipation is to elevate the quantity of water that you drink. 6 - 8 glasses is the minimum requirement. Then comes the importance of high-fiber diet. Fiber rich foods help the body form soft and bulky stool. Common examples are beans, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables. While you are recovering, it is better that you avoid the consumption of foods such as cheese, meat, and processed foods.
# One of the simple constipation remedies for adults and children is to take half a cup of cabbage juice twice a day. Even taking mango helps a lot in relieving the symptoms. Get a handful of seedless dry grapes and boil them in milk. Drink the milk and chew the grapes separately. Do this before bedtime.
# Have you heard about the remedy of dipping some Spiegel seeds in warm milk and taking the preparation every night? If no, then give it a try to see the improvements in the symptoms. Also, high intake of figs dipped in water when taken in the morning, helps reduce constipation.
# Believe it or not, drinking water that has been kept in a copper vessel overnight, also soothes the symptoms of constipation. Even guava, when taken every morning in empty stomach, serves as one good remedy for this medical condition.
# Not to forget about castor oil; one of the very popular age-old remedy for various stomach disorders. 2 - 4 tsp. of it every morning, is all that is needed. Take carrot juice with the juice of spinach and get immediate relief from constipation.
# If we talk about herbal remedies for constipation, then peppermint and ginger root are known to be the best in their function to heal the condition. These herbs are best when taken after the patient has taken a laxative, to control the unpleasant side effects of the medication.
# Before each meal, swallow a teaspoon of linseeds with water. It provides lubrication and encourages the movements of bowel. A glass of orange juice when taken in the morning also helps reduce the likelihood of constipation.
As far as medications are considered, laxatives are the ones which are mostly used. But these are recommended to be treated as the last option, because they may become habit-forming. Meaning, regular use of these medications may make the stomach used to them and so bowel movement may become difficult until the person takes a laxative.