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Color Therapy

Kashmira Lad
Colors are known to spice up our mood or even bring about a sense of calmness. This story discusses what color therapy is and the principles associated with it.
You must have often noticed the following lines being uttered whenever we experience various mood swings: I'm having the blues or I am seeing red right now! Many people may not realize how we attach importance to colors unknowingly and express our feelings through them. Colors have a certain energy in them, a kind of control over the way we feel.
We may even use certain hues to express ourselves unknowingly. Color therapy has been prevalent in the society since ancient days and different colors are associated with different meanings.
The color of our clothes, or even of our walls, can say a lot about our personality. Here, we shall take a look at the finer nuances associated with chromotherapy, and whether it really does signify different energy fields in our lives.

What is Chromotherapy

Take a look at a picture of the rainbow and think how you feel about each color. Chances are probably that they will evoke different emotions within you, but you may have been too busy to notice this before. Colors affect how we feel and are also linked to many emotions. Color therapy believes in the healing properties of different colors as well.
This is also probably why one can see specialists that advice us about specific colors for the bedroom and living room when it comes to decorating our interiors! There is definitely a strong philosophy linked to this, and it has been evident since the ancient days when the Egyptians used some basics of it in their everyday lives.
The early 1900s saw the popularization of Max Luescher's color test, which gained popularity with time. However, it falls into the category of pseudoscience that gauges certain emotional reaction amongst people without any specific scientific backing.
This is the reason color therapy has evoked certain mixed reactions and invited a lot of criticism from people across the world about the authenticity of its results. Nevertheless, there are many people who ardently follow it, and use the principles to bring about a positive change in their lives.

Significance of Various Colors

Following is a list of all the colors in the visible spectrum and their significance in this therapy:
This vibrant color is known to represent power and creativity. It symbolizes strength and also brings more warmth to the things in its vicinity. It is known to stimulate our brain and increase one's self-confidence. A right balance of red is useful to make us feel cheerful on a gloomy day!
It is known to soothe and help bring about a feeling of calmness, along with a sense of harmony. It is often used for interiors of any place because of its calming effect. If you love to wear green, it indicates a slight adventurous streak in you.
It is associated with a feeling of happiness and confident outlook. It has a real energizing effect upon a person. It needs to be used in moderation though, like red, because it might tend to make a person feel too agitated if not balanced well.
Bright and happy yellows help bring about clarity of thought. This color is also considered to be energizing and is particularly known to stimulate appetite.
If you tend to add a lot of yellow in your wardrobe, it is an indicator of your excellent communication skills. However, do not include bright yellows on your walls as it may create a feeling of being stressed at all hours.
Blue symbolizes knowledge and is known for its calming effects amongst people. When used in moderation, it helps to soothe and also enhance communication between people.
This color is associated with an imaginative streak. It helps us on the spiritual side. It is used to calm a person, and as a way to induce sleep as well. Studies indicate that it helps people connect with their true self.
This color is known to build up our inner strength. It is also a symbolism of the creativity in a person. It falls in the category of cool colors and is also helpful for people who suffer from stress at work. It is known to inspire an individual as well. However, it needs to be used in balanced proportions to create the right effect needed.
The basics of color therapy can be used with the right balance to create an appropriate atmosphere for us in various spheres of life. You can use it in various ways to increase the positive energy in your life. Thus, we can see how colors create significant energy fields around us. So, the next time you choose your outfit, do so with care!