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Colonic Irrigation Benefits

Shashank Nakate
The different colonic irrigation benefits include detoxification of the body, removal of waste materials which damage the abdominal organs, improvement in peristalsis process, etc. This story deals with information pertaining to the benefits and also the side-effects of colonic hydrotherapy.
The health of colon is often given less importance than that of other body parts. Activity of colonic irrigation or colonic hydrotherapy includes many different alternative therapies; it is used in the removal of fecal wastes and toxins from colon. In colonic irrigation, water is injected into the colon which the carries out detoxification of the body.
The process of colonic irrigation which is similar to enema involves the activity of cleansing the colon by introducing water in the rectum at controlled pressure. Just before the pressure resulting from water present in colon reaches a point that causes discomfort, the flow of water is reversed and wastes removed from the body.
Here is a detailed account of the benefits of this therapy.

Benefits of Colonic Irrigation

The activity of colonic irrigation is said to clean up toxins present in intestines and remove hardened waste materials. The immune system grows stronger after performing it. Passage of nutrients into the blood stream becomes much easier as the impurities obstructing its path are removed.
The colon cleanse process also helps strengthen those muscles that line the colon. It is said to make the process of peristalsis smoother. The bowel movement becomes normal which thereby, helps in relieving problems like constipation. Improvement in the complexion of skin is observed; the skin also becomes smoother.
As the flow of nutrients, blood and other fluids becomes smooth, the body cells start functioning at their highest potential and generate sufficient energy. It helps increase the energy levels and maintains overall health. One of the major benefits is that it provides relief from problems like excessive gas and bloating.
Discomfort caused by the swelling of abdominal area is termed bloating. It is generally accompanied by 'borborygmus', a rumbling sound produced by gas movement in intestines. It also helps overcome the problem of abdominal distension which results from problems like Coeliac disease, Kwashiorkor, Giardiasis, Coccidiosis, Kidney stones, etc.
The irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by abdominal pain, bloating and alteration of bowel habits. Hydrotherapy helps relieve patients of such problems.
Losing excess weight is one of the benefits; it is considered important from the point of maintaining a healthy body. The amount of wastes that are flushed out during colonic hydrotherapy could be in the range of 2 - 25 pounds.
The weight of wastes (if not cleared from the colon) applies immense pressure on the delicate organs of abdomen. It causes damage to body parts in the long run.

Effects on the Mind

"Clear body, clear mind" is the saying best exemplified in the purification process carried out through colonic irrigation. Apart from the above mentioned benefits of colonic hydrotherapy, one can also observe its positive effects on the mind after treatment. Most of the world's health ailments have their origin in problems related to digestion.
If the health of digestive health is kept stable and free off toxins, it is possible to lead a far healthier life. Our mental state and thinking is largely affected by the state of our body. It is therefore, difficult for a body contaminated with toxins and impurities to support a healthy mind.
Clarity of thinking is not maintained in people suffering from aforementioned problems. All these points emphasize the importance of having a clean mind which is closely related to a clean body.


There are many scientists who don't recommend the use of colonic irrigation; possibility of getting infecting and flushing out of good bacteria are the main reasons behind scientists rejecting the method of colonic irrigation. Also, minerals like sodium and potassium may get washed out of the body and result into dehydration.
The tools that are used for hydrotherapy can also lead to development of allergic reactions. The recent studies suggest that its side-effects have far more serious effects on the body than benefits. Apart from flushing out the good bacteria, this cleansing method can also cause nausea, bloating, electrolyte imbalance and kidney failure in worst cases.
The treatment of hydrotherapy has been in practice since ancient times in Egypt. Along with the benefits, one should also take into account its side-effects. Decision to go for colonic irrigation should be taken carefully after consulting a doctor.
It is observed that doctors recommend the colon cleanse procedure only if a patient suffers from constipation of extreme degree. Finally, the importance of maintaining the health of colon shouldn't be overlooked and one must take all possible steps to achieve this objective.