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Chyawanprash- The Best Remedy for Cough and Cold

Buzzle Staff
Taking antibiotics for cough and cold is something no one prefers... so here is a natural medicine in the form of Chyawanprash having several herbs that are sure to boost your immune system and help you in ample ways. Let's see how this "natural jam" works.
A sore throat, running nose and sneezing- symptoms of cold and cough are not liked by any person of any age or gender. However, uncertain climate and poor immunity make you prone to it anytime of the year. Though it can be treated with various medications and home remedies, Chyawanprash is sure to help.
A collection of numerous herbs mixed with honey, sesame oil and ghee, Chyawanprash is the optimum solution to the cough and cold for all ages. The magical ingredients of this yummy jam that make it an optimum remedy have been explained further.


Consuming equal portions of Amla juice and honey can help a great deal in treating cold and cough. Chyawanprash, with Amla as the main constituent is definitely a great remedy for cough and cold.


The base ingredient in Chyawanprash, honey is a great relief for sore throat and cough, as it cleans the liver and digestive tract. Thus reducing the severity to a great extent.


With ample amount of ghee in it, Chyawanprash is a great remedy for cough as ghee helps suppress the cough symptoms. Ghee is also an important food to consume in the cold weather to prevent cold and cough.


The mixture of herbal components, consisting of Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Shatavari and Vidarikand help boost immunity and thus makes the body less prone to cold and cough.
Apart from the mentioned ingredients, Chyawanprash has a collection of several other products which collectively prove highly beneficial to fight cough, cold and other diseases, thus revitalizing the human body.


Though Chyawanprash is a great remedy, the quantity of intake depends largely on the age and physical condition of the person who is to consume it. The ideal dose of Chyawanprash is as given here:
For Kids: A quarter to one teaspoon/day.
For Adults: One to four teaspoon /day.
For Pregnant Ladies: One teaspoon /day.
The best way to consume Chyawanprash is with a glass of warm milk or with normal water. One can take Chyawanprash twice a day- one teaspoon in the morning and one in the night. However, it is effective to take this herbal jam before breakfast or after dinner as it helps improve the digestive system of the body.
However, pregnant ladies or people diagnosed with certain diseases should take the dose only as per medical advice, as it might lead to certain side effects, if taken in the wrong amount or when it is not suitable for the functioning of one’s body.
Regular intake of this herbal product keeps cough and cold at bay. PIOR Living Chyawanprash is produced using organic techniques and is safe for consumption.
Disclaimer: The information provided in this Story is for entertainment and reference purposes only, and is not meant to serve as actual medical information. For advice about any of the illnesses listed, please visit a qualified physician.