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Chyawanprash as a Memory Booster

Buzzle Staff
Success is aspired by one and all. But, poor memory caused by nutritional deficiency poses as a big hurdle in achieving it. In such cases of poor memory, Chyawanprash can help one keep all the deficiencies at bay.
Poor memory is a concern for many people from all age groups. It becomes an obstacle in hitting any goal or achieving success . Kids are expected to perform well in academics. But due to lack of strong memory, they tend to forget names, formulas and whatever they learn, leading to poor grades in class.
One could be late for an important meeting just because he/she forgot where the car keys were kept. It could also be that the deadline for one’s work is the next day, and the person forgets the password required to get access to the necessary documents.
Thus, poor memory, inability to remember things and incapabilty to recollect the information lead to several problems in daily life as well as in a long term lifegoals; which can be really frustrating.

Causes of Poor Memory

There are many reasons for a poor memory. But, main reason is various nutritional deficiencies. If the nutritional demands of the brain are not met, it leads to forgetfulness.
Poor memory is also a result of stress. The memory fails to work when stress takes control of the brain.
Insufficient sleep and lack of mental exercises cause a considerable damage to your memory. Odd hours of work, prolonged intake of certain medicines, and hormonal changes are other reasons of a poor memory.

Chyawanprash for an Improved Memory

Significant positive changes have been found in people who eat Chyawanprash regularly. Studies have proved that the memory functions better if you consume appropriate quantities of Chyawanprash regularly.
A test was conducted on a group of aged mice who were served Chyawanprash daily, for 15 days. The aged mice group showed better cognitive functions than mice in the other groups.

For Kids

Chyawanprash has been a memory enhancer for years and has helped a lot of children perform well in academics.
It has enhanced children's ability to learn quickly and retain whatever they learn for a longer time. Chyawanprash makes it easier for them to understand and grasp the subjects effortlessly.
Children who consume Chyawanprash regularly get an extra edge than those who don’t, as it helps with concentration and focus. Consuming Chyawanprash sharpens the memory of children and keeps them ahead in their day to day activities. The child’s brain cells get nourished. This is due to the presence of key ingredients like ashwagandha and amla.
The amla and ashwagandha in Chyawanprash are great antioxidants. They guard the nerve cells from free radicals affecting the functionality of the brain. This in turn reduces anxiety, stress, and depression; thus keeping the brain calm. There are several other herbs in this mixture which ensure proper functioning of the brain.

For Adults

Apart from children, adults too are able to perform well at work. They get rid of the mental tiredness and are able to concentrate on their work, throughout the day. This is because all the nutritional demands of the brain are met.

For The Elderly

Consumption of Chyawanprash works wonders for elders who tend to forget very easily. It helps in better retention of memory. Chyawanprash is therefore highly recommended for people of all age groups. Not only does it help with memory development, but also in several other aspects such as immunity, muscle mass, heart health, etc.
PIOR Living Chyawanprash is a nutritional powerhouse that promotes wellness at the cellular level. It helps center the mind, enhances concentration and boosts memory. Just one or two spoons a day can bring about evident positive changes in you. Start consuming this brain food daily and see the difference.
Disclaimer: The information provided here is for entertainment and reference purposes only, and is not meant to serve as actual medical information. For advice about any of the illnesses listed, please visit a qualified physician.