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Chinese Foot Massage

Geeta Dhavale
Certain foot massage techniques, like the Chinese foot massage, use reflexology to relax and revitalize the human body.
It is beneficial to your body and mind in many ways such as improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.
Imagine that you are sitting on a comfortable chair while a pair of soft, healing hands are massaging your feet in such a way that you feel revitalized and relaxed instantly. It feels like heaven. A professional foot massage can make you feel like you're in paradise.
Like the Thai massage, the Chinese foot massage is also gaining popularity due its relaxation qualities. There are many beauty salons and spas that offer this luxurious massage. This massage is more than 5,000 years old and is based on the principle of reflexology.
The complete Chinese foot massage consists of massaging the pressure points with Chinese herbal oils and lotions.


According to the theory of reflexology, human beings have certain reflexes in their hands and feet that relate to every organ and overall system of the body.
These reflexes are energy centers which need to be stimulated for revival. So, finding the right energy centers and stimulating them with the right amount of pressure is very important in this kind of massage.
Ancient Chinese believed in the concept of energy flow, that is, the human body functions on energy levels that flow inside the body and need to be balanced. They were considered as the 'force of life', known as 'chi' in China.
They believed that emotional and physical problems are the result of a blockage in the energy flow, and have to be eliminated for a smooth flow of energy. So, the essence of the Chinese massage technique is identifying and massaging the right pressure points of the feet.


It is possible to get negative reactions from people for this massage. The acupressure therapy may not work for everyone. Like any other massage, it is also subject to different results for each individual. It is only with trial that you can find if it suits you.
Pressing the wrong pressure point or in an incorrect manner can harm you. It can lead to muscle cramps, vein blockage, or even swelling with rashes. It is advised to get this massage from a professional.
Many people find Chinese massages very relaxing and restorative. Apart from this, it is also used to alleviate pain and stress in the body through the feet.
In China, many doctors recommend foot massages to patients with problems related to functioning of organs like the kidney or pancreas. Whatever the reason, this kind of massage is known to make one feel elevated, calm, and stress-free when done properly by a massage therapist.
You may consider buying an electric foot massager, but it is best to avoid it. A Chinese massage feels best when performed by a professional masseuse. You can refer to an acupressure massage chart to see where the pressure points are located and massage the points on your own, too, but it may lack the finesse of a masseuse.