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Home Remedies for Chest Congestion

Nicks J
A chest congestion home remedy can be as simple as inhaling steam. A hot shower bath is also an effective chest congestion treatment.
People suffering from dry cough, common cold or flu generally suffer from chest congestion. In such a condition, the patient's ability to breathe properly decreases considerably. Excess mucus in the lungs is one of the main reasons behind chest congestion. Lungs that are loaded with mucus is the perfect environment for the bacteria to grow extensively.
This in turn causes further irritation and infection. Difficulty in breathing is something the patient finds hard to cope up with.

Chest Congestion Home Remedies

In order to make breathing easier, it becomes essential to liquefy the solid mucus so that it drains quickly. This can be easily accomplished with some of the 'easy to implement' home remedies.


By inhaling steam of water for approximately 10 minutes, one can definitely experience the difference immediately. Due to steam inhalation, the accumulated mucus in the respiratory tract loosens up, which helps to release chest congestion.

Eucalyptus Oil

This essential oil can work wonders to get rid of chest congestion, especially that is caused due to bronchitis. A eucalyptus steam inhalation can be quite beneficial to clear up the chest congestion. Add 3-4 drops of eucalyptus oil into 6-7 cups of boiled water. Now, breathing the steam will give you considerable relief from chest congestion.

Onion Juice

Home remedy to soothe congested chest involves intake of onion juice. Simply taking a teaspoon of juice twice or thrice everyday can work to reduce the tightness in chest. For better results, add honey to onion juice and let it remain for 5 hours. After the stipulated time is over, take a teaspoon of this mixture ( honey and onion juice ) , twice daily.

Black Pepper Seeds

Talk about reducing chest congestion through home remedies and one simply cannot forget about black pepper seeds that one can easily find in household kitchens.
Chewing 2-3 black pepper seeds everyday is one of the simplest way to ease chest congestion. Make your daily glass of milk a chest congestion remedy by putting few black pepper seeds into it.

Keep Away from Cold Place

If you are serious about clearing chest congestion at the earliest, then staying in a warm environment is a must. Cold environment can actually worsen the symptoms of chest congestion, thereby making it more difficult for the patient to breathe properly. So, make sure you do not relax in rooms installed with AC.
In case of cold weather, one needs to install a humidifier, devices that add moisture to air. Breathing moist air helps to liquefy the mucus, which in turn contributes in alleviating chest congestion.

Hot Bath

Taking a hot bath is the easiest way to open chest congestion. Inhaling steam that is produced during a hot bath loosens up the mucus. This can help to expel the mucus and ease chest congestion.


With ginger tea, a nasty chest congestion can be substantially brought under control. Its effectiveness as a chest congestion cure is remarkable. To make ginger tea, first add 1-2 pieces of ginger in the boiling water, and then later add tea leaves. If you find preparing ginger tea cumbersome, then one can go for ginger juice.
Just one teaspoon of ginger juice two times daily is helpful to get relief from chest congestion. The juice can be easily made by grating some ginger. Many recommend to put some honey into the juice for faster relief.

Hot Tea

Having hot beverages like a cup of hot tea is one of the simplest chest congestion home remedies that can loosen and break down the mucus.
As the patient starts drinking the hot tea, the heat generated in the respiratory tract helps in thinning the mucus, which is necessary to get chest congestion relief. Drinking hot tea is indeed a popular chest congestion home remedy.

Green Tea

By drinking green tea (3-4 cups) during the day, for a minimum of 2 days, one will be able to suppress chest congestion considerably. Use of green tea is one of the most effective chest congestion remedies that can bring about the desired change.

Spicy foods

The hot and spicy ingredients of these foods can help to loosen up the mucus, thereby helping to release chest congestion. Eat more spicy food that has ingredients like chili, pepper and jalapeno.

Enzyme Rich Foods

The trapped mucus in the respiratory system can be eliminated with the intake of enzyme rich foods such as kiwi and pineapple. These foods and even beverages like pineapple juice allow the mucus to become thin, which in turns helps to remove the blockage.


To improve breathing, use turmeric powder. Take a glass of warm water and add a teaspoon of turmeric powder into it. The mixture thus prepared is extremely useful for the treatment of chest congestion. Consuming this mixture 3 times daily helps to lessen congestion in the chest. A chest massage using turmeric powder can give relief from chest congestion.

Increase Fluid Intake

Patients suffering from chest congestion are often advised to increase consumption of water (8-10 glasses) and other fluids. This practice is recommended because it plays a crucial role in liquefying the mucus. Many suggest to have a glass of hot water that contains lemon and honey. One has to gargle and then drink the water to relieve this condition.


A natural way to lessen chest congestion is to use thyme. This herb has the capacity to remove the junk that is filled up in the lungs. It accelerates the movement of mucus and eventually removes it out of the lungs.
To make thyme tea, take a cup of boiling water and then include 2 tablespoons of dried herb (thyme powder). Let the mixture boil for about 10 minutes and then filter it. Have this tea for at least 3 times a day. Continue drinking thyme until the chest congestion is completely eliminated.
Home remedies provide a safe way to drain the mucus from the lungs. Moreover, they are budget-friendly and also provide a great deal of relief. So, one can always rely on them when it comes to treating chest congestion.